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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I Got Tagged

I have been tagged! Checked my comments and was informed by naijalines
that I am one of six of her newly acquired enemies. Then onome had to tag me too. Well, so as not to overdo and acquire a new name for myself in blogville, here we go with the rules:-

1. Link the person who tagged you – see I already did that in the beginning of the post.
2. Mention the rules in your blog- which is what you are reading now
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours- right after the rules okay?
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them- check at the end of this post.
5.Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged- alrighty.

I had to think and unthink, write and unwrite what I believe will fit into quirks for me. So, here are my 6 unspectacular quirks.

I can never be caught out without wearing a bra. I know they say never say never. But this is a never forever.

I’m not a crowd person. I’d rather be home with a book than hanging out with a crowd. Even if I know almost everyone there, I soon pull away and into myself wondering just what in hell’s name I’m doing there.

I fall in love with guys who share same first name often- as in back to back to back can be a name same as the last one.

I don’t feel comfortable with rain. I would be happier if it never rains. Once the clouds start gathering, it dampens my spirit and I tend to lose my concentration.

I love food more than you can imagine. But don’t blame me for that. Blame my middle name ‘Okiemute’. Real meaning is, there’s time for everything. But direct pronunciation of that name is – are u ready for this? Oke in Isoko means time, depending on how you pronounce it. Emu means food, Okiemute means time for food don reach, so I eat. I am the number one glutton in the whole world. I eat everything I can and whenever without a care in the world of putting on weight. And the weight or fat refuse to come. And strange as it is, I want that fat. At least small.

I have big fingers and toes, not just for a slim person, but for a girl and people use that to see a very big Uzezi in the nearest future. Back to senders.

There, six of them abi? I named my quirks so its time for these bloggers - soupasexy, abbie,pamela,tears,aphrodite,wellsbaba - to name theirs.


  1. Held on to my heart and prayed you hadnt tagged me. You shud've seen my heart was thamping,and how fast i scrolled down the post to check if you made that mistake..lol... Uzezi dont go back and tag me oo! Coz i wouldn't know what to write. Now lemme go read the post.

    How you doing babes?

  2. Big ini? Fingers and toes? Girl, thats a joke right? How big really? Coz i went back to the pictures you sent me amd i'm trying look for anything big, i cant see anything. Unless of course if you sent me the wrong pictures! Uzezi?

    Not a crowd person huh? So what are you gonna do when you visit me? Coz thats where you are gonna be all the time? Among a crowd. Very big for that matter!

    The same name thing cracked me to bits! Like you will fall for every Uze, Uzo, Ezi, Zizoo..lol..?

    Missed you girl..

  3. approval keh...since when???

    I better be first oh...

    love the indoors as well but unlike u, I love rain...

  4. Thanks for the tag! I'll get to it ASAP. (Although I think I've done one before, so I might just link it)

    And you coming on here to tell us low esteem big gals about your non weight gain, is pure, adulterated straight up boasting!!!

    It will not do sister, it will not do!! lol...

    Can I borrow your metabolism? If only for one day?? See, it's this chocolate cheese cake I've been meaning to try out.

  5. that was a nice 1....my aunty name is okemute, no accually is okite.
    do they mean tehsame thing, its pronounced thesame..becoz okete is urohbo

  6. lol @ ur definition of Okiemute!

    i'm like the opposite of u where hands and feet are concerned(i assume u cant have big fingers and toes on small feet and hands ryt?)

    i actually feel that way about rain too. it just puts a damper on things for me.

    pls remove this verification thing, the thing is not even showing any alphabet!duh!

  7. dont tell me my comment just got deleted, damn

    okay so i was saying that my aunts name is okite, you think it means theame thing, its urohbo though

    which dirty big uzesi, nonsence, my sister has huge sussage fingers and toes and she be skinny boko

    me i love food, nigerian food is teh best, iw ould eat all day everyday,couldnt care less, food is food

    where have u been sef, you dont come and keep me company anymore

  8. what a mess, the comment went in for approval and i thought i neva wrote it in the first place

    what a mess

  9. @ Jaybabe- my mistake not to have tagged you. im not a crowd person o. and i do have big hands and legs with big fingers and toes. but they r fine. pix r me of course. missed u too. how come i have not heard im visiting u? lol.

    @ Afrobabe- yeah indoors is cool

    @ SOLOMONSYDELLE- u almost were sha

    @Abbie- u r making me laugh i swear. i can eat the cake sha. e go enter your body

    @ Fresh&Fab- not the same name. urhobo does not have okiemute. theirs which has same meaning with okiemute is pronounced and spelt differently. i dey ur side always.

    @ Smaragd- nope. u cant have big fingers and toes on small feet and hands. is that what u ve?

  10. You eat that much and still don't get fat? Better thank God for that priviledge. How you dey now? I saw your comment on my blog. Tell me you didn't actually dream of me updating; cos I dreamt I updated too. Take care now. And reduce that chop chop oh cos when you get to thirty na so so lettuce and tomato you go dey wan chop. lol

  11. lol,

    you sound like ur not a crowd person tho,

    but look at it this way, if it doesn't rain, stuff doesn't grow and if stuff doesn't grow, u can't eat

  12. zee, i nor understand u n ur bra o, plz xplain,lol

    lol@.....I want that fat,At least small; naim be say u be certified lepa, lol

    long time no --, hope all is well?

  13. zee, i nor understand u n ur bra o, pls xplain, lol

    ...I want that fat.At least small....
    naim be say u be certified lepa, lol

    *long time no---, hope all is well?*

  14. Lol at back to senders, oya wey pictures of the said fingers and toes o.

    Okem for short abi

  15. yup this tag has really gotten around... i've been to several blogs today where this is the post... great way to learn interesting things about people though

  16. oh, i love rain
    dark clouds gathering want to send me back to bed
    the sound of rain of the windows is enough to make me want to procreate
    rain is soothing
    rain is fresh
    rain gives life
    rain sends me into peaceful stupor

  17. Ah great... you've done the deed. Blogville will not desert you and you will not desert blogville. Say amen oh.

    Dating men with same names - well at least that saves you the embarrassment of shouting the wrong name at a... er... sensitive moment.

    I love the rain as long as I'm in bed sleeping or just lazing around. Makes me feel so romantic...

  18. Oh... and I'm a proper homebody too. Though mine is probably a bit extreme.

    About the 'fat'... can we do a body transplant? As the saying goes, exchange is no robbery abi.

  19. I too have a love for food. The fact that I can eat as much as I can, and not gain weight bodes well for me.

    I’d rather be home with a book than hanging out with a crowd.

    I have become the same way. And it's a shock because I used to be this outgoing person. I guess it's a good thing though, lesser dealings with demonic peeps.

  20. chai y na...lol..
    ok o..i will perform ma duties too. will let u know when i do it..wow. my quirks are horible..lol

    u wear a bra always, u boobs must be really big ryt? do u wear them to sleep too?..lol

  21. zezi y u tagg me now...lol....its not fair,ur bringin me out to limelite,blogvillers will b lookin out4my quirks and im not a crowd person...lol...anywais,ur not comfortable with rain???me I LYK am die...i lyk books too sha but i lyk crowd

  22. @ Mommy- my friend thinks the fat will release itself in me one day and i will regret it.

    @ Zena- irrigation for the farms and there will be food

    @ LG- wetin u no unerstand for there? if i have to step out of the house, not without my bra. all is well me dear. thanx for checking

    @ 30+ - pix? ok i go try, but make no one accuse me of showing off oh. they are big are really very beautiful oh!
    Oki for short. or Mute(2 syllables there) or Kite or KK

    @ Eb the Celeb- so right.

    @ Jinta- hmmmm! procreate! hmmmm!

    @ naijalines- Amen. definitely saved me the embarrassment if i have to make such mistake. get a good surgeon and the transplant begins

    @ Don- im not alone. so what brought the transformation that has made u an indoor person?

    @ soupasexy- lol. not big. and not always. when im indoors, i never wear them, but if i must step out, i always wear one

    @ Afrobabe- sorry sweetheart

    @ wellsbaba- u need to update. that's y.

  23. i share 4 with you. i dont feel comforable when it rains..

    But do u think u keep falling in love with those "common name" guys cause u are passing on affection from the last to the present?

  24. i share 4 with you. i dont feel comforable when it rains..

    could it be that u keep falling in love with those "common name" guys cause u are passing on affection from the last to the present?

  25. I can never be caught out without wearing a bra. I know they say never say never. But this is a never forever.

    well we ll just have to test that out..wudnt we??? :D

    btw blog updated

  26. @ Allied- nooooooooo. i dont keep falling in love with them cos of that. and funny too, the ones with a particular name are same tribes. can u beat that?

  27. Uzezi so you are not a crowd person, and I was thinking of inviting you to a Chelsea home game. Guess who we will be supporting.

  28. @ AlooFar- u r lost oh. not their names uzezi oh!


  29. chick wt big hands and legs? you? really? lol@ falling in love with guys that share same first name. not a crowd person uzezi! u r right!

  30. uzezi sweeeerie, ma binu..am so sorry. it was a typo error..i just type and not doublecheck..my bad.

    forgive me ok:-(

  31. LOL@loving food, i love food, but it resgisters on my body, not cool!!

    LOL@not caught without bra, the one i dont understand is no panties or 'commando' as they say...jokes!

  32. @ Eve- yes. really. long time. how u been girl?

    @ soupasexy- its alright. fact that u had to come here and seek forgiveness- winking- ur sin is forgiven

    @ Omosewa- i dont understand those either

  33. lol @ the meaning of ur name and its connection to ur love for food. cracked me up. hpe u appreciate ur no weight gain luck.
    feeling u on the crowd bit, not my scene too.

  34. knock knock
    who's there?
    wait, I gotta put my bra on. lol

    the rain can be fun but I hear you tho

  35. @ In My Own Words- maybe i should appreciate it.

    @ diary of a G- u funny

  36. Sorry am coming late girl.
    been very busy with work.
    You tagged me?

    Na wa o

    How i want take do this kain tag now?

    Will think about it but right now i cant remember any quirks.

    Can i take a rain check on this tag?

    pretty plzzzzzzzzzz...lol..

  37. Must be tough for the fat/weight not to come. :P But food is just good! Anyway, liking the blog and liking the books on your shelf. And it's been raining here for two days, but rain here is not the same as Naija rain, although we are on Tornado watch. Cool post.

  38. @ Aphrodite- u r forgiven. take ur time abeg

    @ ruthie o.- thanks for stopping by. cant imagine that kind of rain.

  39. oh...lol...u wldnt blv wht happnd! i came here,but saw nothing! even after i refreshed, then i left it open nd went about ma doings, came abck and saw WORDS! i was bout telln u i cant see,coz ma conntns broken...so now that i have seen, heard and read...i wld write up mine, at a later time thu coz i just updated!! hint hint! LOL! back to ur post...feeling u on the rain thang! and i guess everyone likes being wht they not, or have wht they dnt have! u see fatter ppl wld LOVE to be slim, nd now u WANT to be slim! such is life!!


  40. I love wearing a bra all the time...in fact, if I could always wear one I would. I think it helps me pretend that gravity isn't having its small effect already (lol).

    I have big hands for a woman myself...my male oyinbo friends' hands look so small in comparison!

    Your description of your food loving makes me laugh!

  41. @ Uzezi: lol! just saw that you have been stalking to get first @ Easier, eh? Okay, here's a tip, you might be able to get first at NigerianCuriosity.com. There is a mother's day tribute that just went up. It features the music of Asa.

    As for solomonsydelle.com, I will let you know when I update. In fact, there will be a mini update on Sunday and a full update on Monday. It promises to be juicy. lol!

    Thanks so much for checking up on me. God bless you and have a wonderful weekend, my sista.

  42. Big fingers and toes?

    I'm gettting worried . Almost every one has confessed to a prefrence for indoor reading given the option.
    This worries me greatly..
    Could it be that...
    Blogville is a center for nerds?

  43. So never ever without a bra huh?
    Now how come that sounds sexy?

  44. @ Tears- just a lil more flesh. that all

    @ goodnaijagirl- lol @ I think it helps me pretend that gravity isn't having its small effect already.
    i feel u though. thank God I'm not alone wt my hands.

    @ SOLOMONSYDELLE- im running over. hope i can still make first

    @ Carlang- we ain't nerds. it proves wrong when people say Nigerians don't read. So never ever without a bra sounds sexy? hmmmm

  45. ur highness, i have done as thou bid..

  46. i love rain...

    i hate crowds.

    i can be a food junkie sometimes.

    as for your toes and fingers....
    give us a sneak peak will you?

  47. @ soupasexy- been there.

    @ fantasy queen- a sneak? hmm. i will think about it.

  48. lmao....love for guys with same first names?dats sooo funny!

  49. It's coming....

    Don't say i didn't tell you...

  50. UZEZI!!! you mean with all that jara i gave you, you didn't know that you should use the F5 button to refresh! Ah! na wa oh! Somborri don chance you, oh. I no wan mention her name because I no wan cause wahala but na....

  51. LOL!! I love the way u broke down ur name. I love food too but these days I watch what I eat.
    I used to be like u, I'd eat a house (esp junk) and not gain a pound but things started happening all of a sudden. lol


  52. I'm not sure if the comment i posted made it through.

    You see i think i have solved the riddle of why a mentioned bra is sexy.
    it's a challenge. a tease.
    It's hints of what is beneath but mocks our effort to reach.
    I hear bra and i think beyond the wall. The peaks that i yearn to summount.
    Protected by the faintest of chiffons brightly coloured.
    I hear bra and suddenly i am dared.

    Like Edmund Hillary...
    I yearn to explore the mountain beyond.
    Just because it is there!

  53. big gini? hmmm. if u were a dude, dem for dey use am dey measure d size of ur kiniko

  54. all these pple wey dey do approval, una dey talk wetin dey pursue una. who una owe money, abeg

  55. @ RouGe EMpiRe- its funny and its true

    @ SOLOMONSYDELLE- i did my best, i swear. kept refreshing and kept getting the old stuff. I believe, obe day i will be first

    @ Aijay- 'I used to be like u, I'd eat a house (esp junk) and not gain a pound but things started happening all of a sudden'. now u r scaring me

    @ Carlang- dis na poem abi na something else?

    @ Free-flowing Florida- lol at that measure and size of kini

  56. oya update na haba! i'v been stalking this blog since!

    i have small hands and feet.

    u attend Daystar right?

  57. @ Smaragd- soon. yeah.my church flirting took me there and i decided to remain there

  58. So you like food? Hmm...there's plenty of us in the world then. lol

  59. lol @ falling in love with guys with the same name.. dats scary!

  60. Wow your middle name is Okiemute, i got cousin with that name but she doesnt like it prefers to be called Onajite. So it means time for food don reach..everything make sense now. Thanks for telling us what it meant.

    I dont like crowds either rather be at home, my mom stresses this is not a good thing she is always telling me "no man is an island".

    You are lucky you be lepa and can eat all you want. I love food but it doesnt love me back, it likes to give me love handles and cellulite.

  61. lol@Jinta... rain make you want to procreate ke? abi another thing dey your body ? lolll

    i support mommy, please eat right now cos when the fat will break? lollll na lettuce and tomatoes indeed.

    ok update this blog too

  62. @ uzezi: that crazy world located outside my home.

  63. @ Ollay- my partner is back from blogging break i hope

    @ Sha- scary and true

    @ dat one okrika girl- that is not the real meaning o! true enough, no man is an island.

    @ darkelcee-thanks girl. i am eating

    @ Olamild-hehehheheh

    @ Don said- hmmm?

  64. i love it when it rains!
    especially if i can curl up with a book and a cup of tea.

    never without a bra?
    u don't give ur twins galloping days? lol

    i dey, how u?

  65. Uzezi thanks for telling me o, you know i was about to start yabbing my cousin seriously with this new found info...

  66. u do have a sister in the Lord here cuz i attend Daystar as well...lol.

    i hope u know it's been 10 days since u updated?

  67. @ Sherri- im laughing sha, @
    u don't give ur twins galloping days?

    @ dat one okrika girl- u r welcome.

    @ Smaragd- yessssssssssssssssssss

    10 days just now? i will update soon

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