By the time Saturday August the 16th started, I was tired. Marriage is not easy o, the stress before the D-day is hell, then on the day, even with all the excitement, you just can’t wait for it to be finally over so that you can start a new life with your husband.

It began with the family morning devotion that was interrupted because the taxi that came to pick up the makeup artist to go home and change, kept blasting its horn as though announcing the second coming of Christ. The maid of honour had to take the first flight from Lagos and was early, but she forgot her second attire. Not the one for the first event though.

Then, everyone (the house was full of friends and relations who haven’t seen in a long time and who took wherever they found to lay their heads for the night, thankfully.) started working. Most of the women in the family – aunties and in-laws- were behind the house cooking, and I promised myself I will eat the Owo soup and Starch later – but that day and with everything, I forgot about food. My aunt had to carry a plate of rice and deposited it in my hand at a point.

The court marriage didn’t take time at all, from there we proceeded to a Photo world to take good pictures, by the time we returned home, the compound was transformed and looking set for the traditional marriage.

I was almost not recognised when I dressed so traditional for the first time in my life, but I got used to it after adjusting the wrapper for God knows how many times.

According to our culture, at the end of a marriage ceremony, the bride with her load, are escorted by some of her family members to her husband’s family, or the home of the most eldest member of the husband’s family in the vicinity, not the husband’s house. It is done that way to show that we have handed over our daughter to your family, and we recognise you as the eldest in the family.

Earlier in the day, my cousin had brought the very big box that will pack, if not all for the moment, most of the things that will go as load during the escort to the husband’s family.

By the end of the day, the compound was emptying, the rain was back and I was packed and ready to go.

And the journey back home to Gambia... hmm... I mean Lagos, was hassle free, compared to the journey from Lagos to the Niger Delta.

Happy Married Life to my sweet cousin Evi, and her sweetheart. I will get there someday.


  1. can u imagine this?

    i was coming to be first on my blog just immediately after posting and naija idol beat me to it?

  2. lol. sorry bout that. u look really nice on trad o. Dont think ive ever dressed really traditional, like the wrappers and all.Urhobo girl or is it Isoko???

  3. Isoko babe like that. try the trad dressing. we all need a pix in it.

  4. lol..u nearly fooled me there..thot u were the one that got was ur intention abi?

    U look elegant in the photo :)

  5. i thot u were the one getting married, I was going to vex seriously for you!

  6. 7th damn hope u are not married. Let me go and read

  7. @ aloted- lol. that was actually my intention

    @ bumight- ha. i go shout am loud if na my turn

    @ doll- and i am married away. lol

  8. @ AlooFar- hmmm? how many members of my family u see for the picture?

  9. Thought it was you getting married. Was gonna strangle you for not giving us the day to day gist like Oluwadee did. Weddings are always hectic. Meanwhile am still waitin 4 more on Gambia. D juicy details

  10. Skilful. You kept us wondering till the end. I always enjoy reading you. This was no different. You look fab. Such natural beauty and beautiful skin. Your husband (to be) is lucky o.

  11. @ doll- Oluwadee is queen at dat. No rivalry there, 3 gbosa for oluadee, so maybe my time, i wouldn't have to bother. U still dey wait Gambia gist?

  12. @ naijalines- u really managed to make me blush and succeeded.

  13. Oh my God...u got married without telling us??

  14. Lmao....u silly girl...hahhahaah had me real good, I was just thinking she married the Gambian....

    congrats to ur cousin and hope we all get there soon!!!

  15. seemes like the wedding was really nice. My half gambian sis ( by long relations and location of current heart) You look really fine, your outfit looks lovely. The man is lucky indeed....if i was him, you will be in the gambia pronto ..fine girl no pimple...hhehehehe

  16. That's u in the pic babes?
    You even be like the bride. I hope say u no fine pass the woman wey them come marry o(winks).

  17. Uzezi! don't be playing such games oh.

    You are a fine babe o.

  18. Verryy Fuuuny, kai I for flog you with my comments if that was you who got married without sending me a personal IV :).

    Congrats to your coz

    How you dey

  19. i thot you were tyhe one that got married.. You will definately get there some day... very soon i suspect

  20. where was the caveman?would hv love to see how he dressed too. abi he no come?

  21. LOL...And I was just about to ask why you didn't tell us....Ok...I can see that you like going around in circles...

    Nice picture...Why don't you like trado wears?

  22. @ Afrobabe- Lmao. we will all get there by His grace. this is the best game I've ever played. I got married.

    @ Jarrai- I'm liking that half gambian sis part. thank u jare. my head is now times two

    @ princesa- fine pass her for her day? taboo. and on my day, i have to look better than that. that bead will be times two or three, and the head gear, correct style

    @ OluwaDee- lol. don't u just luv the post?

    @ 30+- lol. my time i will definitely have a secret wedding and say nothing so blogville won't kill me. make i save money for rice and chicken take stock diaper. i'm fine dearie.

    @ Allied- big AMEN to that

    @ Sola Folowosele- lol. he was in Gambia

    @ archiwiz- y don't i like trad wear? i do the normal ankara and guinea dresses. that is trad enough. if i do typical isoko own, it will be heavy o, i doubt i will be able to carry myself

    @ ibiluv- thanks dear

  23. grrrrrrrrr!

    26th.. wich kain thing be dis na..

    9ja idol na juju yu de use?!?!

    lukin gawjuz!!

    and dang.. u rily fooled me o!

  24. @ mz. dee- u ve sleep problem like me? its almost one. what r u doing awake?

  25. yes o.... 2am now. still awake...blogville is a dangerous place.

    probably wont sleep til 4! hehe.

  26. Onoivo! There I was thinking make I go shout "ova yokoko" for you. Congrats to Evi. BTW Uzezi and Mamuzo na the same name shey? Correct me if i am wrong.

  27. @ Mz. Dee- dangerous ke? sleep came for me at 2. now im awake and dressed, ready to make my 7am programme in church

    @ Anonymous- lol @ "ova yokoko" that's actually part of the exclamation that trails a bride being escorted home to her new family. Mamuzo and Uzezi aren't exactly the same but very close. Most times, I even claim Mamuzo. But uzezi is priceless cos urhobos dont have an equivalent for it, unlike their Manuyowi for Mamuzo.

  28. Aww thats a pretty pic!!! WE WANT MORE GAMBIA GIST!!!!!! this one that it found way into your story again!!!! xoxo babes..have a great weekend!!1

  29. I missed Owo soup and starch! You had me swallowing saliva.

    Married away?

    Bros must not read this! Lol.


  30. aww!.. was a bit lost at first but i later found myself... Congrats to her....
    BTW, you look very elegant.

  31. @ ms.O- thanks

    @ Dammy- no too swallow saliva, go get it and eat

    @ Beyond- u will never be lost in Jesus name

  32. ahhhhhhh babes, u really got me thre :) no try am again o, lolll
    happy married life to evi, may their home be filled with love, kids n .......(anything she wants)

  33. Nice post, I enjoyed the read. You look like a sweet princess in your dress. Here's wishing to a happy and everlasting marriage for your relative. And soon YOU.

  34. Uzezi fine girl! You need to wear the trad more often, it looks really good on you girl...

    And when you start confunsing home between Gambia and Lagos... yes, your turn is very near.


  35. @ Don- thanks a lot and big AMEN

    @ Ms Sula- seriously. lol @
    And when you start confunsing home between Gambia and Lagos... yes, your turn is very near.

  36. i thot u were the one gettin married!

    u look really lovely!

  37. For a minute there i thought you were the one getting married oh..guess we'd get invites when its your turn by his grace..

    Have a good week and take good care..

  38. @ Buttercup- thanks

    @ the genius within- we will all get invites. ve a good week too

  39. Show the wrapper jare and the cork shoe! wetin dey do you????

    Meanwhile you carry palm oil go lagos? cos that palm oil wey dem get for lagos no sweet at all...but i sure say u no forget ur pepper soup spice.

  40. @ waffarian- u funny o. i no like load o. carry oil ke.

  41. It sounded like it was your wedding and then Bam! Turned out to be your cuz' looked good btw...who would have known it was yr first time wearing full trad. gear? Tks for yr gd. wishes....

  42. congrats to your cousin!!!!! Thanks so much for getting me niyola's info!!

  43. Uzezi you do look lovely in your traditional.
    Me sef i was confused at first, a second read straightened me out.

    lol @ confusing the gambia and lagos.

    have a great week

  44. I thought you were talking about you for moment lol good one.
    Well, congrats to your beautiful glowing cous.

  45. @ Nyemoni- abi o, who woulda known it was my first time.

    @ SOLOMONSYDELLE- thanks

    @ rethots- that's it

    @ dat one okrika girl- thanks. no confuse o. i was just having fun

    @ Abbie- thanks.

  46. i was thoroughly fooled. I thought you were the one who got married. Lol. nice photo too.

  47. @ isha- truth, i almost fooled myself, cos that day, i kept dreaming it was me.

  48. I'm confused. I thot you were the one who got married.

    ....first time here.

  49. You had me there.
    I thought you were getting married.
    Your attention and passion behind the post suggests the obvious.
    You want to get married soon.

    Hang in there.
    It'll happen soon enough.
    Tall dark and handsome..
    Those are usually the stats right?

    How do i send you an email?
    There's something i need to ask you.

    No.It's not a proposal.

  50. U look beautiful!!!!! my earlier typing was congrats...i tot it was u marrying o. Pls pass d CONGRATS to ur cuz. How r u gal?

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. @ Vera Ezimora- not me. my time is coming.

    welcome to my world

    @ Carlang- i had me too. lol @
    my attention and passion behind the post suggests the obvious.
    I want to get married soon.

    u dey see vision? he is tall, not so dark and breathtaking handsome.

    @ Miss Definitely Maybe- ur id drew me to ur blog

    @ NikkiSab- i dey gidigba. thanks.

  53. O wind , why do you never rest,

    Wandering, whistling to and fro,

    Bring rain out of the west,

    From the dim north bringing snow?

    ~by wow powerleveling

  54. ooh, u looked really beautiful....every single marriage is always mayhem i remember when my aunt got married, the house was full of people. it was hard to breathe

    whats the long space for at the end lol

  55. @ aoc gold- the wind obeys its creator i suppose

    @ fresh & fab- that space seperates the truth from my joke

  56. I WAS ALSO FOOLED.....
    U R DEF WORKING THAT TRAD GIRRL!!!!!!! i need to make one!
    p.s: i lurrrve that necklace...have d purrfect outfit for it..xoxo

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. came back to just savour the pix again,..awwhssh!!..the caveman is daaaamn i wishh.

  59. well done welldone....u fooled me..i did think u were d one gettin married,I was like kai I don mess up uzezi got married n I didnt know i have to call her n apologise!

  60. @ Lady Koko- got u too aha!

    @ Sola Folowosele- lol

    @ wellsbaba-lol. see wetin guilty conscience dey do u as u don abandon me

  61. I was going to congratulate you....

    but it was your relate getting Congrats to all that find that happiness in their life.


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