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This Is Not An Update

Alright blogville, sit tight. I have just boasted about you guys, so make no one disgrace me o!

A friend of mine just sneaked into blogville's and even I was unaware, can you believe that?

His page I'm sure will be a welcome inspiration centre to me. And I'm sure to you too.

Anyway, Telekinesys reside at Notes To My God

A Wonderful Family

We are different
From backgrounds diverse
And even in times
Described as terrible
And from a place
Labeled as corrupt
We have a bound.

We are generation today
Tomorrow to make
A better place
We strive towards
Because in us
Determination is defined.

From near and far
We came a family to make
In a place called blogville
Where freedom is born
And identity is discovered.

Dear blogville,
Before I found you I found me
But of you I know
My life wouldn’t be same
Had I through life
Past without an encounter

Different identities
You brought me across
Friends you found me.
More than in reality
I have in blogville,

Dedicated to you reading this post.

© Uzezi Ekere
Oct. 3rd 2008

Telling the story of how blogging became a part of my life isn’t important anymore. In those first times, I use to wonder why people don’t read my blog and leave comments. It was sometime late last year and early this year that I began to discover other blogs and others began to discover me. You could imagine my excitement then when I see: ‘2 c…