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Friday, October 03, 2008

A Wonderful Family

We are different
From backgrounds diverse
And even in times
Described as terrible
And from a place
Labeled as corrupt
We have a bound.

We are generation today
Tomorrow to make
A better place
We strive towards
Because in us
Determination is defined.

From near and far
We came a family to make
In a place called blogville
Where freedom is born
And identity is discovered.

Dear blogville,
Before I found you I found me
But of you I know
My life wouldn’t be same
Had I through life
Past without an encounter

Different identities
You brought me across
Friends you found me.
More than in reality
I have in blogville,

Dedicated to you reading this post.

© Uzezi Ekere
Oct. 3rd 2008

Telling the story of how blogging became a part of my life isn’t important anymore. In those first times, I use to wonder why people don’t read my blog and leave comments. It was sometime late last year and early this year that I began to discover other blogs and others began to discover me. You could imagine my excitement then when I see: ‘2 comments need moderation’, which means I probably wet my panties if the comments were higher.

And then I did the stupid short post about deleting my blog and got over 20 comments and nodded: ‘yes, I have arrived’.
Then I use to wonder how bloggers did it to get over a hundred comments, and concluded that just like life and business, only the tough survive. You just have to be so interesting and worth reading and blah blah blah.

This business of only the tough and interesting survive blogville even led me to create another ‘bad’ blog that only two people knew the truth about the author. The blog plus its name plus its post were so bad and (x) that me as Uzezi couldn’t go there to leave comments for other bloggers to see (and the post were all fiction incase you start calculating ok).

Anyway, all I’m trying to say is that, blogging today for me, has become another way of expression. A place where I can share whatever and get various views. In many blogs, I have learnt stuffs that I never would have learnt in a hundred years. In this place I have developed friendships that will last a long time.

It touches me a lot, the care and support we show when one of us is down (illness - uzezi, jarrai, fantasy queen ……………………- depression……………………….., heart broken ………………………….. etc), the joy we share when one of us is happy (getting married – oluwadee………………………, engaged – florida………………………, birthdays – bumight, aloofar………………..promotions – afrobabe……………………… etc) the advices we offer when one of us is confused (too much money as salary – doll, too many toasters – Aphrodite). The list goes on and on (the dots are there for you to fill in the gap. I want to post this now, so I can’t think).

How do you describe the kind of support we have in blogville? I don’t have the words. Just recently, I blogged about YPI (Young Professionals Impact) and the fact that we were doing a fund raising for an event.

You guys surprised me. From within and outside the country. Every kobo I raised came from this family of people I have never met. And because of your charitable effort, and other good Nigerians, the educational responsibilities of three orphans (all 5 yr olds) have been picked up by YPI’s Project Desiree, and by God’s Grace, these 3 will be the first university graduates of Project Desiree.

I am so proud that I belong to this family. This is a family that will become an institution tomorrow. An institution that will give our country and continental role models that we will be proud of. This is a family that is ready to change the perception of Nigeria and Africa. We will make it.


  1. blogville is truly phenomenal, I cant count how many times they've helped me out (whether u guys know it or not).

    loL @ your secret blog :)

  2. Lol @ creating another bad blog...reminds me of the fact that stephen king published books under a different name 2 c if he could reproduce his success. Blogville just keeps amazing me...soladarity...2 listen... 2 support...2 share...2 inspire...is a wonder

  3. nice inspiring post. blogville loves you too.

    After this comment "which means I probably wet my panties if the comments were higher." I must ask
    - u be pissy pissy?

  4. @ bumight - that secret blo has long been deleted.

    @ shubbydoo - didnt know that of steven king. blogville is really amazing.

    @ naapali - lol @ pissy pissy. cant remember the last time i heard that.

  5. Honestly blogville is a support system. I never knew what I was missing until I started blogging earlier in the year. Its wonderful to share you stories and nice to know other peoples unbiased opinions, experiences and to meet people who have similar stories as yours. I love blogville and bloggers I can now call my extended family.

  6. Yeah I am grateful for blogville mehn....ackk!!! met people here that have changed my life possibly even forever....I am definitely stealing this!

    P.S.: Uzezi, we need to jam o...it is very important...

    am on yahoo charizardonfire@yahoo.com

  7. Yes.
    Blogville is a lovely family.
    With the crazy bunch (Afrobabe et al) , the sane ones (me!) and--as it turns out--the schizophrenic ones.

    And like the best of families, we love you too dear.
    We are proud of you.

    Even if you are, as the doctor diagnosed, indeed PISSY PISSY!

  8. Nice poem, Uzezi.
    Good to hear of the developments with YPI.
    All the best and keep it up!

  9. Well done for all the good work, sista. I believe Blogville will make a difference too...to our beloved country and how we are perceived. I really do.

  10. @ CARLANG
    If you are sane, who are the schizophrenic ones?

  11. hey, how have you been. haven t been in blogville for a while. yes this space is a good place, they;ve helped me out too in my dissertation

  12. awww, that poem got me awww'ing. and true, blogville is absolutely phenomenal. i'm thankful for all my blogville friends.

  13. @ Tairebabs- yes o. extended family we are.

    @ Chari - u be ole now? sent u mail already.

    @ Carlang- u the sane one? really? i know one schizo blogger. are they more than one?
    u pissy pissy

    @ tobenna - thanks man. thanks man. thanks man. u understand

    @ naijalines - thanks my sista. yes. with blogville and from blogville we will make a difference

    @ For the love of me -longest time. hope u r good

    @ funkola - awww, ur comment got me awww'ing.

  14. The bit about excitment over your 2comments made me smile. Funny I felt like that when I got my first comment but now I just write the only thing that excites me now is the different countries locations people visit my blog come from... thanks to sitemeter...I know.

  15. lovely poem..

    and indeed blogville is a wonderful community and am glad to be part of this family.

    glad to hear about the 3 five year olds...aww

  16. hey, thanks for stopping by my blog
    definitely feel your excitement about the 2 comments thing..lol

    the YPI project work you're doin is amazing!!well done

    n yeah blogville rocks!!

  17. @ Walking- that feeling is a sign that at last someone is taking note.

    @ aloted- wonderful family and community yes. thanks alot and alot. we are visiting the three kids this sunday. cant wait8

    @ Tiwa- we rock like that! we too much thanks

  18. yeah, this is so nice, nd its rili true, all these wonderful people who r there when u need them,who dont judge you, its just so comforting...

  19. Yes you are right Uzezi, blogsville is a place to escape to where no judgement is waiting to be passed on to you but pure comfort, love and support. We are truly a family.
    Recognise the 2 comments you mentioned, i felt like that when i started.

  20. @ doll- aww

    @ rayo- no judging. wonderful family.

    @ laughter- im not alone in the two comments joy.

  21. i love d tone of this post.i also believe dat d joy we've all found in blogging will bring about a change someday.

    @charizad-u do ur woman chase reach here again?

    thanks 4 stopping by!

  22. @ musco- that change will come. lol @ charizad chasing women all over blogville

  23. We are so blessed to know someone like you through blogville...

    Lovely post...

  24. @ rita- thanks girl, i get inspired by people like you.

  25. Very lovely poem.

    Blogging is really coooool.

  26. Blogville is such a wonderful place.
    Those who don't blog don't know what they are missing.

    U 1ce put up a post bout deleting ur blog??? Don't do that again o.


  27. One love, Uzezi. Nice poem, truly enjoyed it.

  28. Uzezi,

    i'm covering my face with my hands as i type now (is that possible?lol)

    i am ashamed of me, i read about YPI, made a mental note to do sth about it and promptly forgot!

    forgive me.

  29. I feel you babes. We are proud of you too.
    U no want collect ur Tee-shirt again? Holla.

  30. @ AlooFar- thanks man

    @ OluwaDee- they are really missing.

    i shouldn't delete? and i wanted to upgrade like naijalines o

    @ Stani- thanks plenty

    @ Smaragd- lol. covering ur face as u type? aint possible.
    no problem at all, but you can still donate o! just go to ypinigeria.com

    @ princesa- lol. i want it o. let's see how next week goes. i will be less busy.

  31. Reading these lines just felt like reading my own thoughts (at least in the beginning). Not that i'm in the league of bloggers with big traffic yet but at least the response has been encouraging . . . Blogville is a whole new world, sort of an El Dorado where u tend to rediscover urself, meet like-minded and different people . . . people you get so close to and share the most intimate of secrets. The funny thing is that some of these people are people you may never ever meet. What a Family! I'm glad i'm a part of this Family. Let's keep Blogging! Long live Blogville!

  32. @ gbengasile- let's keep blogging o! That's right.

  33. I am proud of the family too and the family is definitely proud of you.

    Well done on the YPI front.

  34. Just gave you an award, check my blog.

  35. Re: Kabiru and the northern gang-
    Yeah i can imagine. How the hell did they get scholarships into secondary schl by the way? i'll bet it wasn't for the academic smartness. Funny but i'm getting scared of all my northern friends (got about three). How u doing?

  36. Great post, one of the better blog post I've read in my one year of service. I felt your emotions here. I think you are very genuine in your expression.

    Well said, Uzezi.

  37. in my ealy days 2 i almost quit.ibiluv n geisha advisd me dat u must 2 visit oda blogs 2 n drop comments so smtimes out of curiousity slash pity slash solidarity theyl visit urs 2 n dash u comment its rily a nice place.iv made friends,allies evn enemies one time al in d space of 4 months.most comments iv got so far is lyk 47 but my nxt target nw is afrobabe,bumight,naijaline,carlang, levej.na beans!lol

  38. @ 30+ - thanks and for the award too

    @ gbengasile- nothing to be scared about if you know ur friends.

    @ Doja- i got ur back. we got ur back

    @ Don- thanks a lot.

    @ miz-cynic - u r funny. lol

  39. Im still new to blogville...and I am so addicted, and I also love the love that each person has to share......

    Jimmy dont stalk my friend ...please......LMAO

  40. hmmm, blogville rock! i have learnt so much from every comment.

    this secret blog is it still up? lolll just wondering

  41. Just thought of you today...how are you doing?

  42. Where art thou been???

  43. Gurl where are you? Hope u're ok. I just began a new series on my blog and i'll be glad if u check it out. Looking forward to updates from u. Takia

  44. this is so cute!! im awwing lol 1st time hur