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where the hell have you been? That seem to be the question that i am asking myself. Did i just blog to say blogville is the most wonderful family, and the next minute i am MIA?

I dey o! just things here and there happening. Very plenty exciting things going on with me and in my life, plus the fact that GLO is trying to frustrate me with their internet connectivity. God pass dem.

Anyway, I am planning my return. This is not it. the post after this one wont be it either. neither is the one after that. But it is near and you will know when I am fully back in the bossom of blogville.

I am still praising God for what He has done for America. They think Obama has inherited a failing economy. Well he has. But i believe that the failing economy of USA will be Obama's victory. God uses afflictions to lift the unexpected people and bring glory to Himself. That is what will happen. In the midst of the celebrations, there are the ones waiting for Obama's failure. Just so the race can be mocked. But God has spoken and it is final. He uses the little things, to put to shame very great things of the world. In Obama, the strength and hands of God is going to work like the world has never seen it before, because at the end of the day, God's name must be glorified.

And He is coming here too. Yes. God is coming to do the same in our beloved Nigeria. The economy of this country will work. I dream of the day Americans will want to have their kids here, just so they can be citizens of this great nation Nigeria. I pray I live to see the day.

Our God is an Awesome God. The 'In God We Trust' that the Americans chant, has never been meaningful as it will be henceforth.

I have said my piece.