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Not A Man

My Return is two post away from this one. God don't let me be lazy.

Now to this post.....
After Obama won, Naapali robbed it in on how Obama’s convoy passed in front of him and stuff like that.

Last week Tuesday, I got a chance to do likewise so I could blog about it.

The German president was in Nigeria visiting and that Tuesday morning, the president left Abuja to visit with Gov. Fashola of Lagos state. From the international airport road down through Mobolaji Bank Anthony Road, into Toyin and then Allen and all the way to the Secretariat at Alausa, the German and the Nigerian Flags where together, designing the roads as they were tied to poles. I had gone to GLO’s office for something. When I was leaving, the party started.

The LASMA bike guys were out and parading. Sirens were on full blare. They cleared the roads that the Germans and their Nigerian escorts will take.

So I stood, cos I wanted to see. I hated the fact that my camera was so far inside the travelling bag with me. Had I gotten a picture, I would have done better than Naapali.

The nutshell is that I saw the German president as all the cars actually passed less than ten feet away from me. Better still; the windows weren’t so tinted, so I saw to my satisfaction.

Later in the day, I was having a very delicious lunch with a friend and couldn’t resist feeling so important and recounting how the German leader passed by me.

‘I actually saw him,’ I said. ‘The windows weren’t so tinted.

I was about to say another car carrying someone who must have been the German first lady was directly behind the German president’s car when my friend looked at me and said...

‘Uzezi, the German president is a woman’