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I’m Sorry Guys

It’s a new year and I promised a new dawn to my blogging, but I haven’t updated. Shame on me. Just a lot of things tying me down right now. Work and other stuff. I promise to do better blogging once I’m fully settled in the rock city. And I haven’t even moved yet.

What happened to many bloggers who have suddenly disappeared? Well, not so suddenly but gradually rather? And others going private? Please I need all the invites o! I didn’t cause trouble on any blog so please.................... Too many have gone private I can’t even start mentioning them.

There is a new blogger Her Story who left a comment on my last post, I went to her blog and was disturbed. Concerned should be the right word. Please guys, just visit her and let your God given wisdom help you leave good comments that will make her see reasons differently and lean on God. If she found me on blogville, then she found some of you too, but I still don't see anybody's comments there.

And I said in my last post that I wa…


Happy New Year everyone. Hope you all had amazing celebrations. And that your seat belts are ready for the journey that will take us to the last day of this year. One of the things that occurred to me early this year is that not until 2012 will we have February 29. So we are a day short this year. Let’s do all we can do to make up for more than that one day.

Okay, on to my post for today.
I have two blogs as some of you know. This one, and aroundlagos (see it on the sidebar). I love aroundlagos a lot, but somehow, I let it rot away without updating it. I have decided to put it down, so I won’t have to say (it was so much easier when I had one, like Solomonsydelle. But seriously SS, do you mean the blogs or the kids? Blogs and kids are more than one for you).

Another lazy reason for dropping aroundlagos is the fact that my location has changed. For some months now, I have been commuting Lagos-Abeokuta, my new base because of work. In a week time, I would have moved fully to Abeokuta for…