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Thursday, January 08, 2009


Happy New Year everyone. Hope you all had amazing celebrations. And that your seat belts are ready for the journey that will take us to the last day of this year. One of the things that occurred to me early this year is that not until 2012 will we have February 29. So we are a day short this year. Let’s do all we can do to make up for more than that one day.

Okay, on to my post for today.
I have two blogs as some of you know. This one, and aroundlagos (see it on the sidebar). I love aroundlagos a lot, but somehow, I let it rot away without updating it. I have decided to put it down, so I won’t have to say (it was so much easier when I had one, like Solomonsydelle. But seriously SS, do you mean the blogs or the kids? Blogs and kids are more than one for you).

Another lazy reason for dropping aroundlagos is the fact that my location has changed. For some months now, I have been commuting Lagos-Abeokuta, my new base because of work. In a week time, I would have moved fully to Abeokuta for another chapter in the book called Uzezi: from dawn till date.

Anyway, I couldn’t come up with a name that will capture both Lagos and Abeokuta, so it’s bye to that blog. If you follow that blog please jump ship. Everything I have to say about me or Lagos or Abeokuta or whatever, I will say here. And there are lots to say about Abeokuta.

Lagos is a Yoruba state, just like Ogun state. Here in Lagos, I can get away with not knowing how to speak the language regardless of the fact that I was born here and all my life has been here. But my new job entails that I work with communities in both urban and rural areas. There is no way I shouldn’t speak the language.

Imagine my organization was going to have a meeting with community heads, and I was in charge of that. God loved me so much that He made my boss available on the meeting day. And every single discussion in that meeting was in Yoruba. I just positioned myself at the door welcoming people. And I was called to introduce myself. I started and one elder went ‘speak Yoruba’.

Hey Oluwa. Anyway, I’m learning, which is exactly what I told them.

And I am serious about learning o, I already bought a Yoruba dictionary to show my seriousness. I am soon shopping for Yoruba home videos that are not subtitled. I will conquer the language in Jesus name.

(Don’t wonder how come I don’t speak the language after all these years in Lagos o. I was born in Ajegunle. And in the compound I grew up, the only neighbour we had were Isoko like us. The houses around us had Ijaw, Kwale, Hausa, Urhobo, Ibo and Isoko people. I remember only one Yoruba family. And then, it was easier to learn Isoko on my street than any other language. And there is school where you DARE not speak vernacular.
So off to Satellite Town we moved, where everyone minded their businesses in fenced houses and spoke the Queen’s English. And off to boarding schools in Delta and Cross-River-State. So Yoruba and I were constantly kept asunder, not knowing I will have to unite with the language one day forever).

But I’m getting there. God bless the dictionary and the Yoruba songs in church and Gbemisoke gospel blues. I am determined you see, if my last name will change from Isoko to Yoruba. Although that isn’t a condition. He speaks more Hausa than Yoruba anyway.

So if you know Abeokuta every well, tell me the must visit places. My very first day there I discovered Iya Sunday; most popular buka. And the meals are more expensive than fast food joints.

Did I say my Caveman is arriving soon from Gambia? I’m so excited the countdown has begun. If he forgets my blender and artwork, he is going back. Okay, I’m off shopping.


  1. I also grew up in lag and cannot speak a word of yoruba..in my defence all my yoruba neighbour's kids could not speak it either...

    Hmmm Abeokuta, couldn't u use the language barrier to stay in the lag branch???

    Have fun with ur man babes....be happy wheather he brings the artwork or not afterall he is bringing the most important artwork!!!

  2. @afro, which one is the most important artwork, Afro, na wa oh.
    lol @ gbemisoke blues. hope u learn the language sha, i think its easy bt then i was born speaking it so y wldnt i think that.

  3. wish i could leave Lagos 4 a while too....u could have renamed d blog around Nigeria...but i guess its easier to have one

  4. hmmm. pray, tell us more abt this gambian caveman! is he from gambia? probably not, cos am reading btw d lines & seeing dat he's yoruba dat speaks more of hausa. den, am voluteering myself as ur unpaid wedding planner.

  5. i actually thot u were moving to Gambia...

    dont worry there are enuff yoruba bloggers that can help...me inclusive :)

    have u been to olumo rock..thats the only place i know in abeokuta

    true talk about feb 29.

  6. Happy New Year, Uzezi!

    Kudos on learning Yoruba and have a great time with Caveman (you know I'm always wanting to hear more details about your Caveman!).

  7. Happy new yr lady.You will conquer the language, Amen.

  8. we need to clap for Afro.
    dis is like d 10th blog where she was 1st today!
    y is everyone updating today self?

  9. i went to school in abeoukuta, bt cant really remember places of interest except Olumo rock, and it kind depends where in Abk u r...

    av fun sha!

  10. @ Afrobabe- No Lagos branch o! That is the first office in Nigeria and it has to be there.which important artwork u talking about? take time o

    @ rayo- dont mind afrobabe. u r right. its easy when its ur language

    @ doll- wish u same. good suggestion but let me stick to this one blog

    @ FFF- wedding planner! seriously. Ok. I hear.

    @ Telekinesys- lol. he knows now

    @ aloted- the moving might happen. make all of u teach me the language o. Olumo rock. not yet, was in the environ but too busy to go there

    @ Good Naija Girl- wish u same. u will get the caveman's story soon.

    @ Sting- amen

    @ QMoney- hope u updated too?

    @ Toluwa- i will sure have fun. thanks.

  11. Hmm, looks like you are going to be plenty busy in a little while.
    Thats nice!
    + Caveman's visiting!
    Pls let us know how the loving and jobbing goes

  12. @ tobenna- yes o. plenty busy. i will let you on only small on caveman.

  13. I love reading you so much!

    Your efforts are so endearing and cute. It's always a good thing to learn new stuff. Just to make that brain of ours work. So Happy Yoruba Learning!

    And let the countdown also begins! Can't wait to hear more about Abeokuta and Caveman's visit.

  14. @ ms sula- u r swelling my head terribly. thanks alot. i will try and post as much as i can on d Caveman.

  15. cant believe i misses out commenting on caveman..u have bn dodgy with his gist...am dying to knw more

  16. Babe, even I cant speak the language well. Thank God 4 rabbi in my life, I am improving daily.

    I visit Abeokuta sometimes as my inlaws live there.

    The only places I know are sweet sensation, mama Kass, NNPC mega station, post office & omida market.

    Wishing u all the best in this year.

  17. @ doll- lol girl, seriously doll, seriously. i forget say na u like Caveman gist pass.

    @ oluwadee- i know all those places o.have a good year too with many testimonies

  18. afrobabe, whats it with u being first everywhere sef??????????/
    good luck in learning yoruba, heard its not too easy, not sure o cuz ive spoken yoruba all my life!!!! :)
    so tell us more about caveman, for a split sec, i imagined u were relocating?

  19. Goodluck with learning Yoruba! I dont even speak any Nigerian language!...surccckkkkzz:( goodluck wit the moving and yay for the caveman!!

  20. Goodluck with Caveman, the new Job and Abeokuta. I must tell you tell Yoruba is the prettiest most lyrical language I have ever learnt. You are going to have a blast, its also going to be easy since you live in a yoruba city. Goodluck dearie and dont forget to practise and practise.

  21. awww congrats dear' i m so happy 4 u' (shebi i tel u say na ur year be dis)
    *s per yoruba' na only 'fokasibe i sabi o :)
    gudluck dear

  22. @ Funms- i will learn that language. like i believed i said in my previous post, relocation could happen

    @ Ms.O- how come u don't speak any?

    @ Temite- i know Yoruba is to us what french or is it spanish is to the world. imagine how interesting all those our hip hop songs are when mixed with yoruba lyrics

    @ LG- liar. u dey scatter the language

  23. That makes me pity the 29th born babies. They will wait that long to see the date again.

    Around Lagos can be changed to “aroundwest” or “southwestarena” but you have said bye bye already.

    So when will u start learning Yoruba?

  24. yoruba is a sweet language like no other...

    happy new year to you dearie

  25. Abeg tell caveman to bring Gala and Tampico when he is coming back to Gambia.

  26. @ StandTall- i have said bye bye o. but very relunctant to delete the blog. i have started learning o. any fast tips?

    @ Shubby Doo- wish u same. i hear you.

    @ Sprezatura- lol. shame on you. i dont believe gambia is that dry not to have equivalent. ive been there so i know. go to one blu bar near war cementary, before one mighty building called emporium and eat meat there.

  27. you know, i used to think the same thing about solomonsydelle's blog!

    yoruba is pretty easy to learn (lol, i know, im biased :) )

  28. I'd have said Yoruba is an easy language to learn but hey, i'm Yoruba so that might be a biased mindset...
    I like your determination, if you have any words you want translated to Yoruba, i am volunterring to help, lol
    Abeokuta? Only been there once for a wedding but i think Olumo rock is a must see
    Btw, nice blog, first time here and i have you on my bloglist now!
    Take care

  29. @ bumight- we will beg SS to explain. I guess an Ibo man will say Ibo is easy to learn too

    @ Writefreak- yeaaaaaa. thanks. i will soon start bombarding you with sentences o

  30. eh, you were born in Ajegunle and you cannot speak Yoruba?

    Shame on you Uzezi. lol!!!!

    Just kidding. Me a true daughter of the soil, my Yoruba is so bad now, I am depending on subtitled Yoruba movies on Youtube to improve.

    Anyway, the name of my ...Easier... blog refers to the kids, not the blogs, although I never thought of it that way.

    And, what do you mean about Nigerian Curiosity? your last comment at Easier has me confused. I updated on Thursday nah. Its until Monday before I put up a new post at Nigerian Curiosity oh. Or are you having feed problems? Oz said my feed is working right and maybe you are experiencing the same problem. Will work on it this weekend.

    Sorry for the long post oh. E ma binu.


  31. goodluck wiv learning the language, i also have been trying to learn it for years now, but i dont even live in a yoruba speaking state, i just like it. God's speed(literally)!

  32. Lol. The fast tip was just the suggestion that you could change the name to “aroundwest” or “southwestarena” or any other that suit your fancy. And from there you can write stuff that are not limited to Abeokuta and Lagos

  33. @ SOLOMONSYDELLE- join me for the yoruba home videos. I guessed as much about 'It was so much easier when i had one'

    @ zara (my alter ego)- thanks o. Yoruba is lyrical

    @ StandTall- i meant fast tips to learning yoruba.

  34. I dig your blog. I am Afrikan American and live in Long Beach, California. I have met several Ibo's and one Yoruba and it's very interesting to read the Naija blogs. Check me out some time.
    Mista Jaycee, yeah, I know of my Naija namesake who shares my name. I dig her blog too.

  35. My Zayzee, pls forgive my infrequent visitation...lol

    Abeokuta yea? wow. i'll help with the yoruba bit on ur blog from time to time...lol

    so, no more daystar eh? awww

    plenty cyber greetings to caveman, pls forgive him if he doesnt bring the blender...lol

  36. @ Mista Jaycee- hi. this is serious o. Mista Jaycee. Anyway, thanks for finding me out. Just checked you out.

    @ Smaragd- u r forgiven. so bring the yoruba lectures. No more Daystar? are u serious. you wan go start the academy quick quick so u go finish b4 me! sorry o. im in Lagos every weekend. and i now am in transportation and care unit. those people in church who drive you back to the car park or direct you into the buses after service. Let's me o

  37. Oh sorry. It simple be determined to learn and get a yoruba teacher. It works

  38. artwork? afrolicious don start again o

    i am from abeokuta but to my shame i am not sure i can recommend must-see places in that town. havent been there in a while. truth is, i hardly ever go there. no one to visit.

    zayzee, happu nu year!

  39. artwork? afrolicious don start again o

    i am from abeokuta but to my shame i am not sure i can recommend must-see places in that town. havent been there in a while. truth is, i hardly ever go there. no one to visit.

    zayzee, happy nu year!

  40. Interesting blog. Consider me a fan

  41. @ StandTall- alright. Im sure there will be loads of applicant to teach me

    @ ablackjamesbond- dont mind afrobabe.

    u dont need people their to visit before you go. Abeokuta is actually a nice place to go relax.
    happy new year. how family

    @ Her Story- alright. welcome here

  42. Happy New Year and hope you had fun shopping!

    lol you sound like one of my friends who went out and bought an Igbo dictionary...more power to all of you :)

  43. Yoruba is a language I have always wanted to learn...even though I'm not yoruba, I want to give my kids Yoruba names. And when I was a teenager, I thought Yoruba men were God's gift to earth!LOL
    Good luck as you tackle the language-Yes you can!!!

    I look forward to hearing about your adventures in Abeokuta!! Oh and I cant wait to hear about Cavemans visit once he arrives!

  44. @ loila- ok, im gettng the ibo dictionary too. i had fun shopping o, as i went shopping for gifts for my Caveman

    @ Nigeriadramaqueen- seriously, yoruba men God gift? well, i hold my speech for there. happy new year and im glad u are missing naija already.

  45. Yoruba is the one language I can kill for
    After school, I am definitely going to settle in Lag and improve on the small Yoruba vocab I have at present which I can barely manage to string words together with.

  46. Enjoy Abeokuta, jare!

  47. I agree with Nigeriadramaqueen.
    Even though I aint Yoruba, I dig the language. And for the benefit of the Rayos, Afrobabes,Toluwa et al, I hope to marry a Yoruba lady.
    So, let the applications roll in....

    Happy new year, Zay..

  48. It never even occurred to me that we won’t have another Feb 29 till 2012. Wao, I actually have a friend who’s Feb 29. I guess no birthdays for her till then. Lagos-Abeokuta. I’ll give anything to remain in Lagos. I have been to Abeokuta once and I missed the Olumo Rock which I couldn’t even visit. Goodluck sis.

  49. @ Severus Snape- lol. this is some advert o. u just resign urself say na yoruba chick u go marry? and please dont kill for the language o!

    @ Geebee- i understand. Lagos is fun and for people like me who love lagos die, it aint easy, but at least i get to be back every weekend.

  50. My Igbo speaking skills suck, but to my defense I grew up in PH. I am trying to learn now tho, esp. since my dreams of marrying a Yoruba man might not pop off. LOL
    I'd also like to learn Yoruba too.

  51. Hi Uzezi,

    Just to let you guys know I'm back.


  52. abeokuta??? i served there, in the deadest part of it! lol!! do have fun though. how have u been?

    happy new year!