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When you hear ghosts, what exactly comes to your mind? Does a shiver run through you? Do you get goose pimples? I have watched movies like Ghost and Ghost Daddy before. Real fun, but then when it is real life, it definitely is no fun.

Let me tell you a ghost story.

Been ages I updated. So much to do that typing a post seemed like an additional burden for someone like me whom writing comes to naturally. The Lord will help me.

It was a beautiful day once upon a time. Really can’t remember the day of the week, and I had boarded an Oshodi bound coaster bus from Agboju, or Festac 2nd gate, along Badagry express way. And just as we were about to move, someone realised it was a straight bus, and because he had to stop before Oshodi, he begged to be let off. Trust passengers to talk all they want and ask if he was deaf when the conductor was singing Oshodi straight.

He got off, and because we were still at the bus stop, someone else entered and took his place. As we were about to move again, a …


Blogville rocks! In this amazing world, I got the best shrinks money can’t afford. Thanks everyone for the advice. Thanks for making me see the disguised blessing. I never thought of it that way.

Okay, now that the predicament is out of way, Abeokuta is in the way. Read my update here!