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When you hear ghosts, what exactly comes to your mind? Does a shiver run through you? Do you get goose pimples? I have watched movies like Ghost and Ghost Daddy before. Real fun, but then when it is real life, it definitely is no fun.

Let me tell you a ghost story.

Been ages I updated. So much to do that typing a post seemed like an additional burden for someone like me whom writing comes to naturally. The Lord will help me.

It was a beautiful day once upon a time. Really can’t remember the day of the week, and I had boarded an Oshodi bound coaster bus from Agboju, or Festac 2nd gate, along Badagry express way. And just as we were about to move, someone realised it was a straight bus, and because he had to stop before Oshodi, he begged to be let off. Trust passengers to talk all they want and ask if he was deaf when the conductor was singing Oshodi straight.

He got off, and because we were still at the bus stop, someone else entered and took his place. As we were about to move again, a woman from the back hollered she had to get off. Now the confusion in the bus started.

She begged and even offered to pay, despite the fact that the bus had not moved. Someone said she should be let of quick, since she offered to pay.

So she came down. We don’t know if she paid. And we didn’t move immediately because the conductor suddenly disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was laughing. He told who ever cared to listen, that the woman got off because she saw someone through the window. And when she got close to the guy, she packed sand from the ground and threw it at the surprised guy she obviously knew, and started screaming and crying that she was told he had died. Obviously, was he a ghost, maybe the sand would have made him disappear.

As we moved on towards Oshodi, I just knew I had another blog material. Actually, this really isn’t what I am supposed to blog about. It isn’t the turn of the ghost post, but I just need to get it out and away. I really have lots to blog about o! Should I do it all together, it will be so random, and probably will be the longest post ever to be blogged in the history of blogville.

I have become so crazed, that any little thing that happens around me, I just smile and say ‘I will blog about this’. I have used this phrase so much that my siblings now ask me if it is everything that happens around me that I blog.

To an extent the answer is yes, because when this next event occurred, I knew I was including it in my ghost post.

It is hard to say for sure where I was coming from; I really can’t remember that clearly. But again, I was in a coaster bus (I should stop entering these buses except the ones in my church). We were on the road that leads to Alaba International Market, Ojo. There was a bit of traffic, and I figured I could kill two birds with a damn stone, so I quickly alighted, leaving my bag on my seat and ran down the road to see someone in a shop. The traffic was a standstill, and I was sure to get back on the bus before it moved. So engrossed I was that I didn’t realise the traffic was free, and by the time I noticed, the bus was way ahead. Christ! My bag!

I stopped a bike, and told him to follow the bus. So the chase began. We chased the bus all the way out of the road into an empty road that led to a vast opening of land, we got to a gate and the bike said he couldn’t go in, and because the bus was stopping, I got off and went in through the gate, running to catch up with the bus. Just a few feet from the bus, it disappeared. And I saw my bag on the ground, resting on a bed of sand.

Yes. The bus disappeared before my eyes, and my bag, with a fall, hit the sand. Trying to comprehend what has happened as I bent to retrieve my bag, I noticed it. My bag was on a grave. I was standing on a grave. The name indicated a woman’s grave. The bus driver had been a lady. And every other person in the bus, just like her, were ghosts and they were returning to their home, the cemetery.

I was in a cemetery. And from then on, it appeared as though that particular lady driver of the bus always came around to play with me and friends. We knew she was dead, and it didn’t bother us. At some point, I woke up. It was a dream, and it was a kind of dream I have never had in my life. And it was still the middle of the night, so I prayed. I cancelled the spirit of death from around me and friends and loved ones. I prophesied long life for my loved ones and friends, I committed everyone into the hands of God. And I felt calm and I went back to sleep.

If it was you, what would you have done?

I have come to understand a truth as I continually grow in my faith and relationship with God. Visions come in different ways, mostly through dreams. We have the power to stop something negative from happening in our lives if we open our mouths and pray and prophesy because as the bible says, what we bind on earth is bind in heaven, and what we loose on earth is loose in heaven.

Being a Christian doesn’t automatically translate into not praying and not asking and not seeking, because we feel God knows what we want and how to protect us. He wants to hear us commune with Him, ask Him to do so and so according to His will. And immediately we ask, He sets in motion answers to the requests in His own time.
Growing into a deeper relationship with God comes with severe trials, temptations and attacks from the devil just to discourage us. But with God’s grace, we overcome he that is in the world.

I just feel like encouraging someone. There is something you really need, that God also feel you really need, and He is waiting for you to earnestly ask Him, so He can give it to you.

I also want to encourage someone who just discovered a relationship with God. Look beyond the problems that will come and with the help of the Holy Spirit, see the results God has given.

Yesterday I felt something. This morning, I felt it deeper. And finally I think I have stumbled upon the real reason why God brought me here to Abeokuta.

Please pray with me, that I will not falter, or be discouraged.