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A Day With Jay Jay Okocha

I have committed the greatest crime against myself. My disappearing acts have become so regular and I know you guys are tired of my apologies.
Na work and time cause am o! I dey tour every nook and cranny of Ogun State as if I be Britney Spears. Anyway, I hope you all have been fine. I will surely do my blog rounds. I know I have missed a lot, so na system I go use meet up.
Me and Rock City and Gbenga Daniels are very fine and looking forward to welcoming another blogger down here to rock with us.
Meanwhile, I met Jay Jay Okocha who turned into Mikel Obi. The drama unfolded one Saturday at Ogba. Me and Mr.'s (I avoided typing caveman because I need an appropriate name. We are not cave people. Abi Bible say the tongue is like fire and what we say tend to become reality. We are not cave people o and I am no longer a militant).
Okay, me and Mr. Uzezi's sister. Hissssssssssss Scratch that. Me and Spezzy's sister (Spezzy used to be Caveman. Now we have a name) had just left a wedd…