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A Day With Jay Jay Okocha

I have committed the greatest crime against myself. My disappearing acts have become so regular and I know you guys are tired of my apologies.

Na work and time cause am o! I dey tour every nook and cranny of Ogun State as if I be Britney Spears. Anyway, I hope you all have been fine. I will surely do my blog rounds. I know I have missed a lot, so na system I go use meet up.

Me and Rock City and Gbenga Daniels are very fine and looking forward to welcoming another blogger down here to rock with us.

Meanwhile, I met Jay Jay Okocha who turned into Mikel Obi. The drama unfolded one Saturday at Ogba. Me and Mr.'s (I avoided typing caveman because I need an appropriate name. We are not cave people. Abi Bible say the tongue is like fire and what we say tend to become reality. We are not cave people o and I am no longer a militant).

Okay, me and Mr. Uzezi's sister. Hissssssssssss Scratch that. Me and Spezzy's sister (Spezzy used to be Caveman. Now we have a name) had just left a wedding in Ikeja to pick up her wedding gown from 'Bride's and More' (no be advert be this o. But for those getting married soon, Bride's and More is where you should go. It's opposite Mr. Biggs on Allen Avenue, and another is opposite Excellence Hotel, Ogba. The service they render is off the hook and the CEO is so nice and attentive to her brides to be. And they have good IV cards too).

Sorry for my rambling about. We left to Ogba to pick the gown, and on our way to the Allen shop for the other things, we met Jay Jay Okocha. We wanted to navigate away from the Ogba road and met this commotion. Fine Boy Agbero and his people surrounded a Bentley. The Car was so fine I couldn't take my eyes away.

We were wondering why they wouldn't let the car go, and my driver said it was Jay Jay Okocha. Now, why that would catch our attention, I don't know, but we moved on and soon realised the Bentley had been released and was coming behind us. Told the driver to park so the car could go before us. I wanted a good peep at Okocha. As we stopped, Bentley too stopped and parked. We turned our heads, stretched our necks to peep at Jay Jay. The driver said, it wasn't Jay Jay, that it was Mikel Obi. So we were still stretching our necks. What is the difference between Jay Jay and Mikel? They are both footballers and earning thousands of pounds weekly abi? And we haven't seen famous footballers before. So we had no way of knowing if we asked for autograph, pounds will follow. It is possible abi?

While the driver quickly got down from the car and walking towards Jay Jay Mikel, Spezzy's sister and myself were waving frantically, giggling like some pikin i don't know. Next thing the Bentley driver's door opened and Jay Jay Mikel got down. My driver stopped in his track. Almost immediately, a chick got out of the car from behind and started harassing Jay Jay Mikel.

We were such mumus that all we could do was get out of there, drive away to finish our business of the day.

The Agberos stopped the Bentley because the car was fine, and they needed coins. It wasn't Jay Jay or Mikel at all. The guy driving had the bushy Mikel's hair, and dressed the part. But he was just a driver driving his madam and her friend, or oga's madam and her friend out.

I'm sure the two chicks would have wondered what was wrong with us.