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Oh Yes I Did

I turned a year older on Sunday. I don dey young dey go o. Anyway, I thank God plenty for the many blessings in my life. For all the testimonies He has given me. For preserving my life and being ever faithful. For the Holy Spirit's guidance and direction when I found a scorpion in my kitchen sink. For giving me the strength to kill it before it hurt me. He never lied when He said He will give His angels charge over me. God has been good.

For keeping me sane when Satan tried to attack my mind and belief recently, wanting to steal my joy away. But thank God, because His gifts add no sorrows.

Thank you Lord again for your protection all through my many trips on the busy highways with bad roads, and under heavy downpours. You were in charge of my life and being faithful that accidents will not be my portion.

Thank you Father for many more blessings. They are much. If I pause a moment, I will remember more. Like that night I was so confused and lost and depressed and You sent the phone call that changed that situation. Can You remember that? Of course you can. And while I'm talking about this, please please please, I need some inspiration and motivation to write some really good stories. I unblock the writer's block in Jesus name. And while we are on this still, PHCN Lord, let them cooperate. Whenever I write 'The End', then they can do whatever they feel like with the electricity supply. And on this still, let notable politicians keep having reasons to come to Rock City, for one party, or book launch or celebration of life or whatever. You know when they come, we have uninterrupted power supply to prove the Gbenga Daniels administration is wonderful.

And thank you Lord for giving Zayzee Limited its very first writer. We will shake the world when that publication comes out. And while we are on this, help me find favour with my would-be investors. You know people need to read that book. Yes. Thank You.

And thank You his test results came out as AA. I wasn't scared cos I knew You are in us and with us. And had that result come out AS, then I woulda done another and it woulda come out AA, and I woulda known You have changed mine or I never was AS. You cure HIV/AIDS, genotype na small thing for You to change.

And of course I thank You plenty plenty for my driving skills. I know You are definitely with me all the way. That reversing to climb a hill, we will master it like we have mastered the rest. You too much.

This new year that has begun, it's You and I all the way.