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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Display Of Love

It was a Monday night and my friend O was at the wheel. We hadn't seen in a short while so I was spending two days with her at Lekki before I left Lagos for Jos. To avoid the mad traffic on Lekki express, we entered Lekki Phase 1 and was soon trying to connect the express. There was a short traffic leading to the express. Suddenly, the Nisan Black Jeep beside us made to enter our front. O didn't let her because the Nissan's lane was moving, faster than ours, and O didn't want the young girl at the wheel of the Nissan to frustrate her own movement. When we moved past the Nissan Jeep, the two girls in the ride looked at us and we at them. Then I noticed her plate numbers 'JESUS LOVE'. I said wow. Almost immediately, we nicknamed her Jesus Love.

A few distance to the roundabout, Jesus Love went past us cause her lane was faster and she entered our front and got on the express and back to her lane. We laughed at the way she went past us, like she was proving to us that she could cut us off. Back on the express, we were back in traffic but our lane was still moving, as we approached Jesus Love, she decided to leave her lane and come in front of us, but O was a better driver and O's Land Rover brushed Jesus Love's mirror.

A bit free of traffic, Jesus Love sped up to us and started raining abuses on us, just as she cut into our front and stopped. But O already predicted her move and was out from behind Jesus Love and moving. It was so funny because Jesus Love was trying to prove something. She should have entered our front before we came up close to her. But because she saw us that close, she decided late, just to block us, because O didn't let her into our front earlier. So it wasn't O's fault that Jesus Love's Mirror was touched, though not damaged.

So I told O what I have heard about supposed missionaries. You have a bumper sticker that reads 'obey traffic laws' and yet you break them. The examples I can give are much. Anyone seeing a JESUS LOVE plate number, would expect a better display of character from our Nissan driver.

When Jesus Love drove up to us again, she and her friend still raining insults on us, we returned by hailing her. 'Jesus Love. Are you showing the Love of Jesus?'She was a bit taken aback but not put off, the insults continued and she wasn't watching her fast driving, cause she had worked herself into such agitation that even her friend who started calming her down, didn't succeed. Next thing we heard, Jesus Love rammed into a car in front of her, whose booth flew open on impact, that car hit another, which hit another.

In a split second she was out of her Jeep at the same time the driver of the first car she hit got down. Jesus Love was storming towards him and pointing at us who were gone but watching from the mirror that we were to blame. What? I would have loved to see how that ended, but we couldn't cause traffic.

It was so very funny and I can't capture it in writing. But what in essence I am saying is, we should mind the image we try to give ourselves outside. With our bumper stickers and personalised plate numbers, let us try and practice exactly what we are preaching.


  1. if only we all cld practise wot we preach.

  2. hey uzezi
    you guys should have helped her
    "two wrongs don't make a right"
    i agree she was wrong...
    next time, you guys don't do something like that, a car could have hit you guys while you were giving her attention

    ...you could have ignored her.

  3. na so people dey...at least she will calm down...a bit

  4. like Tisha said though...such people are not worth it...i used to drag with them before but these days...i always try to calm down..better late than never

  5. @ funkola- abi o

    @ Tisha - u r right two wrongs don't make a right. had we not left her back when she tried to block us, she would have raised a fight. we didn't give her any attention though except when we called her jesus love. like i said, she wasn't watching her driving, but O was.

    @ Doll- that will definitely calm her down

  6. poor 'jesuslove
    *but una no try o, una 4 stop onekind

  7. LOL!
    Na wa o,
    Born again cars, with un-born again drivers.

    I agree with Tisha and Doll.
    You girls too enjoyed yourself making fun of her.
    You could have ignored her, such people are not worth it.

    What if as she rammed into the car ahead of her, it resulted in a fatal accident....I know like you said she was not watching her driving, but...

  8. @ LG- if we had stopped, she for beat us o, despite the fact say she for fit. So we avoided that.

    @ olufunke- all that crossed my mind and through out that night i kept thinking of it. anyway, thank God no fatal accidenr happened.

  9. Well, well,well.....

  10. Our actions and words say it all...people will only wonder at the sticker...

  11. eh!!!!! chick, u no tell me dis story oh. na wa! drama! Jesus Loves is probably one university pickin posing with either daddy's car or bobo's car. no wonder e come dey drive anyhow. e never know how much jeeps dey cost!

  12. You said it well, we never can know who is looking. Did YOU practice what you're preaching here?

  13. @ FFF- it definitely was her dad's jeep. well, I might be wrong sha.

    @ Myne Whitman- no sir. I didnt practice what I preached at all.

  14. That was some drama rather typical of Lagos drivers.

    Thank God there was no fatality as this would have been a different story entirely.

  15. Guess the driver got carried away...SMH. Moral of the story-always stay ahead of competition.

  16. lol...wen it comes to driving and rage i try to avoid it...

    Jesus Love indeed..

  17. JESUS LOVE took the car from her married boyfriend preacher and was off for a date with her real bobo when this happened.
    I know because.....
    I know.

  18. I love reading car stickers. My favourite is to be a man is not a day's job.
    How have you been?

  19. @ Enkay- thank God all. else it wouldn't have been a laughing matter

    @ blogoratti- she definitely got carried away

    @ aloted - best option

    @ tobenna - u take know all sir? How's wifey?

    @ For the love of me - i ve been good. and you? long time

  20. 'Jesus love' quite an interesting one. Most times its JUST a sticker on the outside. The inside is different and quite rotten...