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What’s a Life Worth

The dialogue below is once upon a chat with my brother, on yahoo messenger, last year.



Me: how far?


Brother: was attacked by armed robbers on my way home on Thursday


Me: hmmm. Ur phone again? (I asked this because my brother is so glued to his phone. He lost it one night when someone just reached into the car he was sitting in, in traffic, collected the phone while he was trying to place a call, and robber disappeared. My brother saved and bought same phone again).


Brother: u won't believe they shot the driver and the passenger beside me


Me: what happened gist me


Brother: I took a bus from Orile. It was late and bus was scarce. I closed late from work.


Me: did u lose ur phone


Brother: so at Alakija some boys entered


Brother: they told the driver to stop the bus at Finiger bus stop (that bus-stop on Badagry express is one dangerous place that no bus ever stops there once it's 6pm).


Brother: but the driver refused so they shot him when he was on speed


Brother: so the bus swayed from one side of the road to the other


Brother: nearly killing all of us. so they told all of us to bring our phones and money out. the guy with the gun was sitting two people after me. so he collected phones from the guy close to him and came over to the guy close to me. while he was hesitating, he was shot in the stomach. by then I was confused of what to do cos I had already hidden my phone in my shoe and if I bent down to bring it out they might think I am hesitating too. so I just left myself to my fate. and guess what? The guy with the gun left my row and went to the next. I could not thank God enough


Me: hmmm


Brother: on the next row they broke somebody's head with the butt of the gun. so after that they left us


Me: u should thank God


Brother: so people were shouting at the driver to move


Me: driver that was shot?


Brother: when we checked him he just leaned on the steering wheel moaning, so I jumped through the window and ran all the way home with my phone safe and I was not hurt but my shirt was stained with blood.



Most thieves will kill for anything. Human life means absolutely nothing to them. We are in that period of the year when killings and robbing increases. So everyone, be careful. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.