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Monday, December 21, 2009

The 'Pastor Bimbo Odukoya in Hell' Story

So I heard the rumour going round in the media that Rev. Obadere of CAC died and came back to life atter 4 days. And that he went to heaven and was sent back. On his way back he passed by hell and saw Pastor Bimbo there. She said he should tell people, that she is in hell because of her lifestyle, hairdos, miniskirts.

In the first place, she never wore mini skirts, so I refuse to believe the story. Anyone can be in hell but my stand is that the whole story is not convincing. Too many holes in what the media printed.

My stand again is that this could be the devil's way of rubbishing our faith and making us lose out faith and hope in a system that has helped alot of us grow spiritually and equipped us to defeat this world and principalities and powers.

My heart goes out to the family of the late pastor and the congregation of 'Fountain of Life' Church. Already they are spending money to advertise in the media against the rumour. Let us remember them in our prayers in this trying time that they face.

As christains, let us see this as a great temptation to the church. It is just one sign among many that the world is coming to an end.

And also, let this prepare us. We should live like the next minute will be judgement before God. We don't want to miss heaven. Nothing is worth giving up heaven for. Jesus can come at any time. Life could end at any minute.

This season, let us dwell on the significance of the birth of our Saviour. And let our hope and faith be renewed in an Awesome God who comes to dwell among us. The journey of life is not easy, but His Grace will see us through.

None of you reading this post will die before your time. You and your family will live beyond 2010 and you will accomplish the purpose for which God sent you.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy NEW YEAR


  1. i was annoyed when i saw the publication too. God will forgive them

  2. It's just weird that people would spend time tainting the rep of someone who's departed. Do people have no respect for the dead anymore?

    May God help us all! *Sigh*
    All the best for xmas and new year, sista.

    xxx Naijalines.

  3. this is unbelievable!! why would somebody just decide to say something like that against Pastor Bimbo?? Yh Uzezi, as far as i can remember she never wore mini skirts and hw does a hairstyle take to you hell??

    wow people are trying to get us busy with trivial, irrelevant things when we should focus on God...the end is really near and we need to be even more prayerful....there are false prophets on the prowl!!

    thanks for this post! how are you doing?x

  4. Our concern is not where a preacher is spending eternity but whether we are living our lives to the glory of God!

  5. Why would a pastor start such a rumor? Can't the dead RIP anymore? na wa oo...

  6. Honestly, that guy should not be taken seriously!


  7. what kinda pastor is dat neways. he must just be seeking attention or is dat his own way of advertising? eida ways, i dnt fink any attention shld be paid to him. as long as i'm concerned his just a waste of time.

  8. i simply cant stand hypocrites, that so called Rev.Obadere should be arrested for slander/libel or something more grievious, or maybe even shot...that's one of the most wicked things i've heard in a long time

  9. LOL! on many levels for this inanity.

    Why do you bother trying to refute a story that is obviously 'out of this world'?

    Come on! Obadare died for four days and went to hell? So who sent him back? And why? Its not as if the guy is not old enough to die.

    Really, what kind of people will take that seriously?

    Reminds me of a similar pamphlet (tract) that has been around for years - distributed in buses and public places- about a little girl who dies and went to hell too.

    Its even obvious this story was adapted from that tract. You probably would have read it too. (Its quite popular among some particular Christian sects).

    I am certain Obadare does not know jack about the said publication.

    '... let us see this as a great temptation to the church. It is just one sign among many that the world is coming to an end.'


  10. In the first place I do not believe such unfounded stories!! It is appointed for man to die once and after that judgment! Hebrews 9:27.

    Why would a "Pastor", or any one for that matter, spread such rumour instead of winning souls for the Kingdom of God?!

    My sista AMEN to your prayers! May God grant you your heart desires now and always.

    Merry Christmas and a blessed 2010!

  11. It is painful to hear the
    rumour or story
    whichever way but I
    don't think we should
    brush it aside as if it is
    insignificant. The
    Bible says in I Peter 4:18
    'Now "If the righteous
    one is scarcely
    saved, Where will the
    ungodly and the sinner
    appear?"'. The Bible
    also says in Phil 2:12
    " ...work out your own
    salvation with fear and
    I sincerely sympathise
    with the family and
    friends of our beloved
    sister and strongly hope
    that she is in heaven
    but please let us be
    serious with our
    salvation. May God help
    us to make heaven in
    Christ name, Amen.

  12. nawa ooo...
    thanks for this post and the prayer..we really should be mindful of the end times.

    merry christmas to u dear

  13. Dont be in a hurry to judge, what you do not term a mini skirt on earth could be one in heaven, stay out of issues you can't validate nor confirm...The world has never at anytime believed God, if it did, Jesus wouldn't have come.

  14. God is not a respecter of anyone a man will definitely reap what so ever he sow; we shouldn't take this matter for granted; which ever way the matter may be everyone that still on earth should always bear this in mind; anyone who does not engage in things that pays the heaven i.e. the king of Glory or a ministry that does not portray the reason why the saviour is crucified will definitely not reign with him!

  15. When I read that article, I thought it was a joke! Like who does that! Naija people wont cease to amaze me. sigh!

    Happy Holidays my dear!

  16. What an ugly story! Why would anybody go and say that?

    Hope you had a great Christmas dearie, and I wish you a very happy new year in 2010!

  17. Happy New Year Luv,

    I pray the year has started in a wonderful way for you. In God, it can only get better.

    I would like to say Thank You supporting 31 Days thanksgiving series on my blog. God indeed was glorified and I am sure your comments made Him smile too.

    Much Love x

  18. Hmmmm, he must have being in a deep trance and got visited by devil knows what!

    We are all going to face the hereafter if there exist one and what justification has he got to bring such news?!

  19. the things people do for cheap publicity...that's how i see it.
    happy new year darl!

  20. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  21. my question is - has d story bn refuted by the so called originator?

    May GOD help us all to be able to decipher what is right or wrong!

  22. My dear, happy new year. It is well with you.

    I like your words "My stand again is that this could be the devil's way of rubbishing our faith and making us lose out faith and hope in a system that has helped alot of us grow spiritually and equipped us to defeat this world and principalities and powers." because that was how I felt when I saw the magazine. Think of how many others may have felt that way.

    While we are not to judge and cannot say who is in heaven or not, we have the Holy Spirit in us to reveal to us the wiles of the enemy.

  23. It took a good while b4 i came across this post. I've not done blog rounds in like God knows how long. Well i heard that story and all i could do was laugh. Like you noted there are too many holes in d tale and it just makes it so ridiculous. . . Besides the Christian race is a personal thing and it's not for anyone to begin to decide who is or who is not in Heaven or hell. There are a lot of questions that we would never find answers to until we get to Heaven . . . another good reason why we must all try to make it there when the time comes. Happy New Year!

  24. Interesting, I didnt even hear the rumour!
    The end times are here, thanks for this reminder and we must be mindful of our walk with God and live God conscious lives.
    Amen to your prayers!
    Have a blessed 2010!

  25. whether PBO is in hell or heaven, shouldnt be our concern cos both ways there is just nothing we can do to change her condition. Rather we that are living should be conscious of own lives cos we can still make amends in our walk with GOD. i pray the grace to know and serve GOD better be impacted into our lives in JESUS name. Amen.

  26. happy new year!

    can't believe someone would create such a story, na wa

  27. hahaha..when i first heard this..well, that was my reaction ..
    then it turned to incredulity..like seriously?

    but you know Nigerians, they'd believe anything in the name of religion..

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. OBADARE na Modern Day GunSmoke
    Only God rose from the dead, so OBADARE na fake.

    When Jesus told the story of Larzarus & the King, Jesus said THERE WAS. That shows it did happen.
    Jesus mentioned Larzarus becose nobody knew his name but Jesus refered to the KING simply as KING. He did mention His name.

    God doesn't do name calling

    So this OBADARE na cowboy

    If you read this articule(click link) in the second to last paragraph it says that people rumored that OBADARE's sickness was warning from God showing you that the man was NOT living well.
    The man na FAKE

    OBADARE's family denies this story,that OBADARE dies never died
    and others.
    Read the ObadareDenial Here

  30. hey...happy new year...how r u...

  31. I cant believe what am reading here. How do pple have so much time to start such rumours? Oga gan o.

  32. obadare a real man of God can not critise d death.may God have mercy on our pastors.that is why so many refuse giving there lives to God bicos of this kind of critism.

  33. Very few religious organizations adopt this kind of thinking, but I wish more would. church