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Tuesday, May 04, 2010


It was Saturday and I felt I needed to go to the hospital for checkup, because I had some serious pains in a breast, and while I had to be positive it was nothing, some negative thoughts of breast cancer kept rearing its ugly head.

Anyway, I went and saw the doctor and after examination said no big deal that it’s probably pain due to cold. He said I should ignore the thought of cancer, that I am too young for it, unless it runs in my family or I am a mother and not breastfeeding. None of the above so he asked if I had ulcer and prescribed my drugs, which I bought from the hospital pharmacy and home I went.

Back home, I was furious. Looking at the drugs, I realised I had all of them at home. B.co, folic acid, vitamin c and that little red iron caplet (which I don’t have). I complained of pains and the guy packed me full of multivitamins?

Anyway, my friend and neighbour was a bit down so she went to the pharmacy to get a malaria dose. Because I had plenty multivitamins, I gave her the ones I was given at the hospital and forgot about the whole thing, me still struggling with pains I could feel but which location was still unknown.

Tuesday, I went back to the hospital because the pains persisted, and the previous night while sleeping, I had turn on my chest and screamed from the pain. I located the origin of the pain and couldn’t wait for morning so I could return to the hospital. I was more worried because the pain came from underneath my breast, the bone surrounding my tender heart. I didn’t want a cardiac arrest or anything to be wrong with my heart where it was, and I definitely didn’t want any pain originating from there.

So later that morning, my friend accompanied me for support. The doctor examined me and asked if I used the medication he gave me.

Me: yes I did and the intensity of the pains has increased.

Doc: the drugs ought to have worked. That is what it is for. Ok, I will give you a stronger one now.

I hesitated thinking that I actually didn’t take the multivitamins he gave. But how could those help with pain?

Me: which of the drugs was for the pain?

Doc: the little red one

Me: (confused. Isn’t that the iron caplet) I thought that’s the blood or iron drug. The red one.

He looked at me. ‘You didn’t take it?

Me: I thought it was multivitamins.

Doc: How long did you use it?

Me: once

Doc: ok. I won’t give you anything else, you still have it right?

Me: no.

He looked at me askance

Me: I gave it to my friend who was ill. I thought they were multivitamins?

Doc: Does your friend have ulcer?

Me: no.

Doc: you are very lucky for that. That drug is not recommended for ulcer patients.

So doctor prescribed more of the red little round caplets for me and I left to get my prescription. In the reception, I met my friend.

Me: do you have ulcer? I asked her.

She shook her head and I told her what happened.

It was very funny. We recounted it to anyone who cared to listen, but it wasn’t really funny. It was a dangerous thing and had she had ulcer, I would have sang differently. Back home, I collected the drugs from her. She insisted she had headache and needed two. I refused because they weren’t panadol. I collected my drugs. Later, while we were watching Bayern destroy Lyon, another neighbour said he needed multivitamins and the others said ask Uzezi. Seriously?

Anyway, I learnt a lesson. Before this, I never abused drugs, now, I am extra careful.


  1. wow! drug abuse

    Howz the pain now?

    thanx for the call on sun..

    Luv u loads

  2. Hope you are feeling better now?
    Take care!

  3. Thank God, there was no fiasco, no surprises with your neighbor
    Hope you feel better now.

    Grateful to God for health!

  4. Oh wow! Thank God nothing happened! Miss u!

  5. I've got this smutty thing to say. Lemme keep to myself before "dem" come break my head.

    Pele o.

    Lesson: Don't forget me again ;)

  6. @ everone - pain is going. I forget the drugs alot. Thank God for health. We take good health for granted till most times.

    Aloofar? lesson what?

  7. I'm glad you're feeling better, be careful o.

  8. Wao you practically became a pharmacist overnight. Thank God things didn't get out of hand and thank God your friend was not an ulcer patient. Glad you're better mmy. True, we take good health for granted sometimes.

  9. I'm just happy that this didn't lead to any further complications.

  10. Never knowingly abuse drugs!!!lol @ them asking you for multivites..."drug supplier" :)

  11. @ Myne Whitman- yea thanks

    @ Geebee- dont mind me

    @ Jaycee- me too. thanks

  12. @ Nolimit- take it easy on me na. it has never been harmful to give vitamin c or folic acid. we all need them. na that small red one almost cause wahala.

    anyway, i learnt my lesson. Vitamin c, i wont give. never again

  13. Glad nothing bad happened and hope you are better now

  14. Hope you are getting better dear. Lessons learnt: don't take your health for granted, and DO NOT offer drugs prescribed to you to someone else.

  15. we thank God o...
    it's amazing how we Nigerians are quick to prescribe drugs given to us to others. In the UK it is "against the law" (figuratively) but I guess the doctors know what they are on about.
    Hope the pain has gone now. Pele

  16. 'Good you're feeling better. You should blog more often o.

    A lot of people don't know it's dangerous to give prescribed meds to others. Thanks for raising awareness about this issue.

  17. WOW! Thank God. At least now you know to be more careful.

    I do blame the doctor though. I didn't need to see you to tell you what you had was costochondritis. And you certainly didn't need any vitamins for that. If the doctor had told you what the problem was and what exactly the medications were for, i'm sure you wouldn't have passed it on.
    Some doctors need to do better.
    And we need to un-learn self medication.

    I hope you're all better now.

  18. @ everyone- yeap i ve learnt my lesons. mizchif, i cant even pronounce the 'costochondritis.'