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Friday, May 14, 2010


The bus I travelled with last week on my way to Delta, stopped at Ore, their normal stop point for feeding when they are plying the Lagos Benin road. We all alighted from the bus and the driver locked up, each one of us fourteen passengers, parading and buying anything of interest. When we were ready to continue on our journey, we discovered that three passengers were missing. Three of them sat together at the back of the bus and were travelling together. We searched the place, sat and waited for another one hour, but they did not appear. A passenger noticed that a box they carried which was in front of them, wasn’t in the bus, meaning when we all got off the bus, they alighted with the box.

Another passenger said one of the three passengers- a guy, a talkative woman and a lady in her twenties- had said initially that when we arrived Ore, they would alight and return to Lagos, because the person they were going to see in Warri was on his way to Lagos. We all had our opinions, we thought they behaved wrong because they ought to have informed the driver to avoid the confusion we found ourselves in and avoid time wasting, since we still had a long journey before us.

The driver reported to his company supervisor who was stationed were we stopped, and we proceeded. On getting to our final destination, a woman carried her bag and was shocked that it was empty.

I thought the three missing passengers had mistaking taken her small carry bag, thinking it was theirs. But the woman said the bag she was holding was hers, because her face towel was left in the side pocket and the main zip was still locked with her padlock.

The only explanation was the three passengers were thieves, who didn’t mind paying the complete fare from Lagos because they had a mission. They must have had a master key to have robbed someone off her money and Holland wrappers. One of the thieves, the woman among them, was always on the phone with whoever discussing her good news – Yar ‘ Adua’s death. She was evidently happy about it. We all heard that morning at the park. She was apparently very noisy in the bus to distract others, while her colleagues opened bags that were under seats and on the walkway, while some passengers were sleeping. That must be why they took the back seat. That must be why they paid extra for an air conditioned bus. They must believe that their operation will be more productive in the AC bus compared to the ones that are not air conditioned.

Other passengers might have gotten home to discover some things missing from their bags, unlike the woman who discovered at the park because her bag was small and everything in it was taken.

Every time, thieves learn a new method of operating. It is only God that can save us.


  1. WOWWWWWW...

    But these things always have consequences. The thieves may be rejoicing that they deceived passengers, but what about their future?

  2. WOW!
    Chineke! This is shocking. And i know because i plied that Lagos-Benin route countless times and the extra care those bus drivers take to make sure everyone alights from the bus when they make those stops.
    To think people go through such lengths to cause other people pain, especially in Nigeria where people travel with huge amounts of cash.

    Only God keeps us.

  3. This is quite shocking! OMG, I can't imagine what it will be like. These thieves keep being creative, why not channel that intelligence in a better way?

  4. I dont thnk they did a proper cost benefit analysis before carrying out the operation.

    How many things will they steal that will bring profit? Perhaps they were not the thieves?

  5. such creativity...in thieves.
    i'm sure they'd been robbing people's bags from that back seat..hope ur things were safe

  6. @ She- for the three of them, thei transport fair was a total of N6,900. going to Lagos from Ore is less than N3,000 for the three of them. One Holland wrapper cost at least N14,000 and they took three from the woman, including her money. so they gained.

    @ histreasure- my things were safe with me where I sat in front. I travel light if i can help it.

    @ Myne Whitman- definitely creative

    @ mizchif - it is only God

    @ Jaycee- that's what the dont know. their rewards await them

  7. i second she! maybe they were not the thieves..it just doesnt add up...but if they were its so ridiculous..its almost crazy

  8. U can just imagine! Where people were praying for a safe journey and thinking of seeing loved ones or doing business, some poeple were actually stealing inside the bus. One day they will steal the one that will land them in trouble.

  9. Na wa sha, Na only God wey go save us abi

  10. hahahahah---the name u gave really described it o--reall SMOOTH OPERATION. So what could they have taken that was good enuf to pay the bus fare all d way?
    wow--ur right tho--its only God that helps us in such situations.
    Hpe urs was intact tho?

  11. Zayzeeeee! U still blog? Ino try! Apparently nothing was taken from ur bag. ThankGod. Signs of d end of age - inventors of evil... Btw ders a new blogger moyounique.blogspot.com pls follow her

  12. sweetie, i dint see your missed call o!

    i buzz you soon, a lot has been up with me..no vex