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Happy Birthday Uzezi

I was a year older on Monday. My phone started ringing as early as 12:03am and the messages kept pouring in. I felt very loved by everyone and my family was awesome with love. My colleagues at work all forgot my birthday despite my singing it to them for the past two weeks. So as punishment, after accusing them 30 mins to close of work of forgetting my birthday, I refused to buy them anything. So the money I kept, that I wanted to use to stuff them full of goodies, I will continue keeping till next year.

On a good note, Blogville tenant, Florida, who is my neighbour here in Rockcity, spoilt me silly Monday night. I was really touched.

I'm coming home soon. Back fully to blogville. My internet story in Rockcity is crazy, which is why I am so absent. I miss blogging and miss doing blogrounds and keeping up. But soon, I will return 100%.

Happy Birthday to all July bloggers. Wish you all the best. Fantasy Queen, happy belated birthday. Sorry I didn't drop a note yesterday and I don't ve your number anymore.

ve a nice week all.