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It's Happening Again

I resigned. I am leaving Rockcity and returing to Lagos. Yes, I am returning to Lagos. I am returning to Journalism. Someone told me I am too restless. That I get bored so quickly and change jobs too often. Well, that happens when the job stops being challenging and I look forward to weekends and hate Sunday nights because it brings Monday closer. But then, I know what I am working towards, and where I am going. That is all that matters. Fortunately, the experience and skills acquired from working with an NGO will always be useful to me, so no regrets. Back to journalism. Back to reporting arts and entertainment. Back to getting free novels to review and new music CDs. Back to free invitations to events. Back to seriously pursuing that dream that must live, and the first step towards it, is returning to where I started; the publishing world.

And thankfully, I'll be back to full time blogging and doing blog rounds. I missed this! Yes!