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Desperate Housewives

......So I write this new column called 'Desperate Housewives' in the new weekly ‘Extra Newspaper’ where I discuss issues that women are faced with which forces them to take actions that could either save their marriages or change their status from Ms to Mrs. The pains some go through in the hands of men, yet they struggle to keep the relationship etc.

Read the first edition below.

Have You Found It?

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity of chatting online with an old girlfriend whom I haven’t communicated with in over a year. I had actually lost her phone number when my phone was stolen.

Honestly, I should have left her offline messages because I was the only one with a means of reaching out, since I knew where she lived and had changed my phone number, making it almost impossible for her to reach me. Besides, I was living in a different state and she has never visited me there.

Seeing her online, I buzzed her and we got chatting. Catching up on news about us and by the end of t…

New Office, See Wahala!

So I resumed work as a journalist. Coming to the office on Monday, I was shocked to see so much water flowing from beneath the Wawa bridge along Lagos Ibadan expressway (That long bridge before MFM Prayer City). And as my office is in the vincinity, I had cause to worry. The Turkish International School close by, evacuated all the boarding pupils gradually, using a make-do raft, and the staff followed suit. It was fun to watch some oyinbos pushing sticks down into the soil to pull the raft towards dry land, but it's no longer fun o.

The root of the problem is that Ogun state's dam is so full that failing to release the water can burst the walls or doors and cause serious calamity, so gradually, one by one, the doors of the dam are being opened and the water is trying to chase us out of the office! Communities have been evacuated and the latest news now is that Mile 12 and Ikorodu will be seriously affected because the water is flowing in their direction. How are we supposed to …