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Desperate Housewives (When to Let Go )

As published in the `Desperate Housewives`column. Extra Newspaper.

She had thought about getting a divorce several times. Each time she did, she quickly vetoed the idea for several reasons. It has been three years of marriage and the best she has gotten is her daughter. If Priscilla were older, maybe she would have decided long ago. But her daughter is only two.

Modupe drives a good car and lives in a beautiful house. She works as a secretary in a telecommunications company. She is an elegant lady to behold with a ready smile that attracts people to her. When men meet her for the first time, they are awed by her down to earth attitude. They tell her that her husband is lucky to have snatched her off the market.

Modupe met Larry five years earlier onboard an airplane on her way to Dubai with her friend Pat. They were going on a five day shopping holiday in preparation for Pat’s wedding. He had an aisle seat like Modupe and soon engaged her in a discussion. He asked to be invited to the w…

Anything Wrong With This?

Where I come from, it is common for people to be buried in their homes. When I was younger, it was scary to think about, but not anymore as both my paternal grandparents were buried in the sitting room of their houses. I am yet to hear about spiritual implications or pschological effects of this practice on people. Though renting the same house out to people who don't know about somebody being burid there, is wrong. These houses should not be rented out. What is your opinion?