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Friday, December 03, 2010

Anything Wrong With This?

Where I come from, it is common for people to be buried in their homes. When I was younger, it was scary to think about, but not anymore as both my paternal grandparents were buried in the sitting room of their houses. I am yet to hear about spiritual implications or pschological effects of this practice on people. Though renting the same house out to people who don't know about somebody being burid there, is wrong. These houses should not be rented out. What is your opinion?


  1. It's not right to rent such houses out,but to be occupied by family. My paternal grandfather was buried in a room downstairs, near the sitting room, nobody uses that room,only his picture is there.

  2. nobody uses my grandmothers house unless when we have events at home and everyone comes.

  3. Hi Zayzee,
    I would not rent the home and would resent someone who rented it. It's like renting a pyrimid in Kemet. It's now a resting place. Renting a place without someone's remains is hard enough. The leftover pyschic energy, possible tragic events. Nah, pass!

  4. I'd never be able to live in such a house... what the heck! lol. In fact, such houses should be confiscated, totally!

    - LDP

  5. Yea I don't think it's right to rent these types of houses out at all...the dead has no place with the living!

  6. Sure anyone that went to AAU Ekpoma would know a lot of students rented these houses without even knowing. It's a callous thing to do. But then what you don't know wont kill you.