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The funny thing is....

I know how to dance. I really do. And I believe I sing very well. The only person who thinks otherwise is the guy formally known as Caveman.

In my younger days, (over a decade ago) I was seriously writing lyrics because I wanted to pursue a career as a musician. And I knew all those Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera step dance. Nothing special there because I used to do step dance in school. Anyway, my ambition at 17 to go to New York to dance on top of tables did not come true. Thank God. But for me to think that, I must have been one hell of a dancer right? Nobody can tell me I don't know how to dance. Even won a price when I was 7 for good dancing.

But the not so funny thing is that, dancing in church is not coming out the way I want. Seriously. You know during praise and worship when they suddenly switch into these Yoruba songs and everybody goes konko below, swinging from left to right?

I know those steps and I even have these praise and worship CDs in the house. I play them and watch myself dig it in front of a mirror and it comes out well. But in church, I miss the steps and if you are watching, you might think I will fall down. Anyway, I no care o. At least I sabi shake body pass some people.

On a more serious note now people, I don't think there is anything wrong with me and languages but I am not just interested. I want to know how to speak Yoruba. I just can't. It is becoming embarrassing that I was born in Lagos, lived all my life here and cannot speak the language. I have very good excuse for my not speaking it due to growing up location and surrounding and boarding schools away from Lagos. But I spent almost two years in Abeokuta before returning to Lagos last year. What is my excuse now?

Any advice here? I have a yoruba dictionary, but it's too deep. What can I do and why are there no Yoruba schools like French schools anyway?

I never turn my blog to advice only zone o!

PS: INEC gave my offie only 3 accreditation to cover the election. Are they serious? Why will you give a media house just 3 accreditation? Some media houses got 4, but most got 3. It means tomorrow, or today rather, I cannot cover the elections due to no pass. I will just observe my surroundings. I hope there will be more to cover the presidential election. Pls guys, if you registered, go out and vote so that the ballot papers will not be wasted. For it is easier to rig when unused ballot papers are available.