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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Mummy this or that…

What is your name? Or what is in a name? You might want to ask. Growing up, mothers were called by the names of their first child (Mama Uzezi). As time progressed, mama was dumped for Mummy. These days, you hear Mummy James, Mummy Seyi and so on and so forth. It is okay. But does the woman’s name have to be forgotten just because she is now a mother?

Personally, it is okay for people to refer to you as Mummy (enter your son or daughter’s name). But those people should be people who know you a little bit. When meeting someone for the first time, shouldn’t the mother have a name? Even if you don’t want to tell your first name, than give Mrs. This or That. That is way more formal.

I remember the first time I met my neighbout; just before I moved in, I went over to introduce myself as her soon to be neighbor and asked her name and she replied ‘Mummy David’. Oh, okay.

I understand to some people, it is a thing of prestige. To others, it is because they don’t want people they feel are younger than them, to call them by their names without adding aunty, hence Mummy this or that…

Well, I guess it is a thing of choice. Personally, I want to retain my name. Even though you cannot stop people from calling you Mummy this or that once you have named a child, I doubt I will ever introduce myself as Mummy Uzezi.


  1. Hmmm...that so true!

    I'm not a mommy yet so I really don't know how it feels to be called "mommy...." but I'd love to retain my first name after the babies come!

  2. I don't like people calling me that cos I'm my own person. I usually correct them by telling them my name. It might be a source of prestige for some people but I think there are many other things u can do to add prestige to urself.

  3. Even when you introduce yourself as Mrs so and so... its your name sorta but really its your husband's name that you are answering to...

  4. I don't answer Mrs.... and I won't call myself mommy...I like my name and like Dr. Fomsky, many other things one does also adds prestige.

  5. Right now, the boyfriend/fiance/whoever-the-husband will be doesnt know it yet. It is a propaganda. My FB name doesnt have a last name...and that is how it it going to be for a looong time, even after I am married.

    Maybe living in the states has influenced my thoughts about issues like this but I'll be damned if I lose my own name (first name) after marriage or child bearing. "Abeg, my name is HoneyDame, nice to meet you." IF you like, put aunty in front of it...if you like put uncle, that one is your palava. Just respect yourself and don't Mummy me (unless you are my child).

    Reminds me of one of my pyscho uncles you started using the elderly pronouns on my aunt (his younger sister by almost 10-12 years) after she got married. He even started calling her Mrs X...as in, in normal conversations o!...mcheeewww

  6. @ Blessing- no need losing one's identity

    @ Dr. Fomsky- true word. there are tons of things that can bring prestige.

    @ LadyNgo- exactly. And I love my first name so much.

    @ Myne Whitman - yes o Myne but your pseudonym has taken over. lol.

    @ HoneyDame- lol @ your uncle.

  7. Zayzee,
    For as long as u're Nigerian,someone is bound to call you mummy somebody.
    Babe, if you read my blog pls confirm ur e-maiul addy for mi so i can send u an invite. i got into some blog trouble @ home recently hence d lock

  8. I think as Africans we believe that children define us hence the mommy this or mummy that. So even if you don't like it, you will still see someone who will identify you by your child. I remember when I had my first child and my MIL who had been calling me my name now decided to call me Mummy Baby. I politely told her, I would appreciate if called me by name given name.

  9. @ Sisto- true sha. anyway my email is uzak_uz@yahoo.com. I will be expecting the invite

    @ okeoghene- I understand. hope your mother inlaw didnt mind sha

  10. It's just an African thing. I soo lurv my name and no way am i loosing it for any reason.

  11. It really is an African thingy...I also hate the aunty whatever calling, it is just not it for me.

  12. Myself and my sis laughed over this thing to. I don't think I want to be known as mummy "xyz". I love my name and will introduce my name as Ema.
    When dem born me, na so them call me.not Mrs, or Miss, or Dr, Mummy...etc

    I like your blog, by the way!

  13. Hi Uzezi,
    It's been a while. How have you been? Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Araceli