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Mummy this or that…

What is your name? Or what is in a name? You might want to ask. Growing up, mothers were called by the names of their first child (Mama Uzezi). As time progressed, mama was dumped for Mummy. These days, you hear Mummy James, Mummy Seyi and so on and so forth. It is okay. But does the woman’s name have to be forgotten just because she is now a mother?

Personally, it is okay for people to refer to you as Mummy (enter your son or daughter’s name). But those people should be people who know you a little bit. When meeting someone for the first time, shouldn’t the mother have a name? Even if you don’t want to tell your first name, than give Mrs. This or That. That is way more formal.

I remember the first time I met my neighbout; just before I moved in, I went over to introduce myself as her soon to be neighbor and asked her name and she replied ‘Mummy David’. Oh, okay.

I understand to some people, it is a thing of prestige. To others, it is because they don’t want people they feel are younger than them, to call them by their names without adding aunty, hence Mummy this or that…

Well, I guess it is a thing of choice. Personally, I want to retain my name. Even though you cannot stop people from calling you Mummy this or that once you have named a child, I doubt I will ever introduce myself as Mummy Uzezi.