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I Am So Ashamed!!!!!

Yes, I am really ashamed of myself. Not blogging or making blog rounds. What excuse do I have? None, cos I'm almost always online. I keep saying I will and I will but I never.

Partly to blame of course is my head always on the road looking for something, thinking of something to do. You know, we all got to survive and that is exactly what I have been doing. Projects dreamed up that somehow, I am too lazy or too uninspired to carry out are also killing me as I try somehow to wake them up from the dead.

But I'm sure the blogville community is fine and growing without me. Even though many of the oldies have stopped blogging, there are lots of newbies I'm dying to read and get to know. So this time, when I say I am back for real, I am indeed back for real.

Happy Married Life Doll! Do have a blast with the license to ......