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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I have a Secret

I have a secret that is sweet. Not all secrets are sweet but this one is so sweet and it makes me smile and makes me happy and makes me praise the name of God always.

I know what I want to do tomorrow. I know what I want to end my life doing. I know what brings me joy and satisfaction and again I will tow that road because while I was on that journey, I got interrupted, so return I must.

On an entirely different thing, man, am I glad it rained really heavily today or what? I enjoyed every moment of it. Only regret of course is that instead of being under my blanket at home, I am at my desk at work feeling sleepy and wishy. It is well sha.

As the month of March rows (or roll. can't bother to figure which fits) out, I can say thank you God. You didn't disappoint on the deadline and You so weren't late. So thanks for coming through yet again.

And, I seriously want to publish at least one book this year o. Even though I know I want to do this, I also know I can't push myself enough down that road. Seriously need some motivation and help. Lazy me.


  1. All the best with your book plans o, and yeah share the secret :)

  2. Hey Zayzeee. Been a while. And yes, you still did not say the secret o ... except the secret is that 'you know what you want to do tomorrow and what you want to end your life doing'. lol

  3. lol. if i share it, it won't be a secret anymore ke.

  4. lol. But some secrets are best shared now and then it becomes 'a secret only with the parties who know about it'. Tell us nah!

    btw would you by any chance be the same Uzezi (surname withheld) with Business Hallmark who interviewed me on Private Home teaching in Nigeria last year? I'm almost certain it's you o. Just occurred to me really. Remember? Small world!

  5. Geebee! It's the same you? Unbelievable! Small world in deed. There is only one Uzezi in this country doing what I do so it's def me. lol

  6. Well, knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life make for a fulfilling life indeed. So, thumbs up!

    As for that book you want to publish this year, is the manuscript ready yet? If not, you might want to concentrate on finishing it first before deciding just how you want to go about publishing it.

    Me I will be asking you about it from time to time o! Small motivation eh?

  7. lol @ Enkay. Have couple of finished manuscripts. its just to decide which I want to go with first. And since I will be self publishing, I have to be really ready for all the work indeed. Be reminding me always no wahala. lol.

  8. I'm reminded of the poem at:


    For the rest of your life you'll be glorifying God.

    And for your manuscript check over:


  9. All the best with the book publishing. I am working towards publishing 3 this year. God help me.