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I refuse.....

I refuse to rant even though that is exactly what I feel like doing right now. So in place of ranting, I will say thanks to the Lord for having brought me and  my family this far. The year is obviously doing sprint and not a Marathon.

There were goals of course. First quarter goals posted where I could see every morning and pray with. Were they all met? No. Am I disappointed? Not really.

There are more goals for this second quarter and I refuse to quit believing. He said, though it tarries, wait for it, it shall surely come. So I will go with His words.

I won't complain. But I feel soooooooooooooooooo tired I swear. I wish I could just take a break of maybe six months or even a year! Oh yes. I have been working full time since 2001 and along the way I have discovered and learnt plenty. I have set different agendas and all. Still, I am restless. My present boss says it is the restlessness of youth. I wish.

Is this where I am supposed to be right now? Maybe not. Like I say sometimes about me, I get distracted so easily but I always direct myself back on the route I am supposed to be on.

So, I am on the road leading there. So I can still say thanks Lord for being with me all this while. With your help and direction, I shall return on that road. So if I am here today, I am supposed to be. So thank you so so much. And for the many many blessings you have showered me and my home with. It's exciting to know You and feel Your awesome Hands working. Hmm.