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Monday, October 29, 2012

I have been thinking...

Art is what I love. Everything books, theatre, paintings, photography and the people behind these are what I love to report and write about. I used to do it, before leaving journalism. Then I returned and instead of what comes naturally to me, I find myself reporting properties and the environment. Interesting but not me. Where I work is a business newspaper and we don't do arts at the moment. I need to get back into that sector; the art world.

So this is what I have decided to do. While I continue covering my field as my job requires, I will start reporting my art again as an independent; not for any medium, but on my blog. I will attend the events, interview the artists and writers, read the books and do reviews, and blog them.

What I am unsure about is this- should I open another blog, or use this same one? Use this same one and change the name to something more arty? Managing more than one blog is a bit of a burden as I tend to ignore the one and focus on the other. I really don't know, but I am thinking using this same one, since I don't want to be ranting anymore about boring me.


  1. I would say start another blog, maybe a website even. This one is more of a personal blog, but let's be honest you haven't been posting here much lately so, even if it suffers it's ok.

    Just my 2cents.

  2. I think you need to consider the volume of what you're going into and try to remember your reason for creating this blog. When creating this blog, did you just say "i need a place to talk about my daily challenges".
    If you're gong into this thing big time as you've written, then i think you'll need a whole new space to talk exclusively about it.
    Itz hard managing two blogs, i know that coz i officially have two but with persistence you can and will pull through.
    But if you feel too attached to this blog then you can create pages just for your art. So that means the blog would have several sections and you never have to leave.

  3. I suggest you write here. Instead of making us look for you all over the place. Purely selfish reasons, I know!

  4. You can put it here, just add another section to this blog

  5. I'm totally with Oracle and Blessing here. You can use this same blog and just add a new tab or section to it for that purpose. . I'd really love to see the new category!

    Reeally, it's an ordeal managing multiple blogs. I remember you had a second blog at a time - I think it was called 'around lagos' or something similar. You practically abandoned it. Lol

  6. Do it here, we will read! And btw, congrats on your beautiful baby girl. She's a cutie

  7. I have found that setting up severla blogs usually doesn't work. I say put it here and have a tab for it.

  8. Nice blog here. guess u shld open another blog to avoid confusions

    Great job btw

  9. What's there not to love about art but I'll suggest,you put it all here and just as others have said,managing several blogs usually doesn't work.. Congrats on your being a mum.
    My first time here.