Wednesday, August 26, 2015

'The Call of Ciri' is Now Live on Amazon, Smashwords and Okadabooks

About the book
The Call of Ciri could only be ignored for as long as 'It' permitted. There was a set time for everything.

One woman’s mistake will cost three others their happiness.

Omah’s future was already written in stone until her father dared fate. Death hovered always around her loved ones.

Ada’s life was simple and beautiful until destiny threw her into the path of

Leila, who was tormented by her dreams and visions. Both bear an uncanny resemblance that was difficult to ignore and stirred deep secrets. While Ada wanted answers which her father couldn’t provide, Leila wanted the past to remain asleep but her actions were beyond her control and bound to hurt the people she loved.

Funmi; meant to be the new beginning, was the link that brought all these women together, thereby setting the dice rolling towards the end of their happiness.

Please get your copy here or here or here. Don’t forget to tell someone about this book. If you missed the excerpts, download Entangled Affair, a free eBook here or here and catch up on three chapters at the end of the book. Another chapter excerpt can be read here.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Special N20, 000 Publishing Promo Package!

In order to encourage new writers and get them closer to their dreams, Zayzee Writes has launched a four weeks ‘Special N20, 000 Publishing Promo Package’.

Services rendered under this promo package are:
- Manuscript review of storyline and characterisation
- Proof reading and Editing
- eBook publishing (including cover design and book formatting) on major eBook distribution channels
- Social media promotion (Beginning two weeks before release of book till two months after release of book).

Writers who qualify for this promo will earn 50% royalties off the amount Zayzee Writes receives from sales.

Qualification Requirement
- Have a finished and ready to be worked on manuscript (either a novel or a collection of short stories.

How to Apply
- Send the first 5, 000 words of your manuscript to
-Manuscript should be in Microsoft Word Document, Times New Roman font; font size 12.
This promo offering is on from August 14th till September 11th, 2015

Please Note:
Only writers whose manuscripts meet the requirement will benefit from this ‘Special N20, 000 Publishing Promo Package’.

Realise your publishing dream here. Everyone has a story to tell.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Excerpt from The Call of Ciri - a Novel

Uncertainty and misery smelt in the air around her. Omah Shuwa, still in her work clothes at 9.30pm, sat rigid on a wooden chair next to the window. At seeing Funmi on TV, Omah had been petrified. Not her daughter. Not the daughter she’s living for. The daughter she’s been taking all the risks for, now seem to be the one who would bring the strangers to her doorpost. Strangers, as well as reconciliation with a past she would rather not have.

Omah had left Bayo and his mother. She did not see their faces, nor did she hear what they said to her. She had walked out and was going round to the front door of the main building when again she was gripped by the force that had made her walk out of the school compound earlier in the day, only to learn that some woman had been around making enquiries about her.
And just when she started to enter the house, Bayo had come running to her with a letter he said he found at the gate with her name printed in blue ink...

“Get out of town with your daughter, you are threats.”
…That was all the letter had said.

Monday, August 03, 2015

In Case You Missed It

The free eBook, Entangled Affair by Uzezi Ekere Adesite was released on July 6th. You can download your free copy at Okadabooks if you have the apps or at Smashwords. Don't forget to leave a review or mail me a review after reading. Thank you.