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Special N20, 000 Publishing Promo Package!

In order to encourage new writers and get them closer to their dreams, Zayzee Writes has launched a four weeks ‘Special N20, 000 Publishing Promo Package’.

Services rendered under this promo package are:
- Manuscript review of storyline and characterisation
- Proof reading and Editing
- eBook publishing (including cover design and book formatting) on major eBook distribution channels
- Social media promotion (Beginning two weeks before release of book till two months after release of book).

Writers who qualify for this promo will earn 50% royalties off the amount Zayzee Writes receives from sales.

Qualification Requirement
- Have a finished and ready to be worked on manuscript (either a novel or a collection of short stories.

How to Apply
- Send the first 5, 000 words of your manuscript to
-Manuscript should be in Microsoft Word Document, Times New Roman font; font size 12.
This promo offering is on from August 14th till September 11th, 2015

Please Note:
Only writers whose manuscripts meet the requirement will benefit from this ‘Special N20, 000 Publishing Promo Package’.

Realise your publishing dream here. Everyone has a story to tell.