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5 businesses that need no funding

By: Our Team © Zayzee Writes
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Jobless and searching? Employ yourself today and raise capital to fund a startup or invest raised capital back into your business. Below are some businesses you can start without capital. What makes this interesting is two or three of these businesses can be combined to multiply sources of income. Stressful you say? Well, wouldn’t you rather sweat it out now that you have the energy (and probably little responsibility) and enjoy the rewards in the coming future?

So, here are the businesses.

1.      Laundry business/Washer man or woman: –

Start by spreading the word that your services are available for hire on a daily basis. Draw out your method of operation before you begin to avoid any misunderstandings down the line. Let your clients know what services you are open to offering and finalise what day of the week you will wash. Conclude on your fee. A job like this doesn’t charge below N5, 000 monthly. You can get five clients for each day of the week to multiply your sources of income. You won’t spend the whole day on this job, thus there’s enough time to add another business.

2.      A cook/chef: –

If you are a good cook, make money from it. Lots of wives and even bachelors need someone to cook meals for them they can store for the week, due to their crazy work schedule. Your clients will either do the shopping themselves, or they will give you a list and money to do the shopping and cooking in their homes. This job is usually done on a Saturday and you can charge from N4, 000 for your services, depending on the number of dishes you prepare.

3.      Personal Shopper: –

There are some people who just aren’t up for doing any form of shopping. It could be due to lack of time or they do not just like it. Well, quickly offer yourself as a personal shopper who is good at getting your clients what they want at good bargain prices. You can do this for a commission or a set fee. But, if you aren’t good at this; if you do not know how to bargain for the best prices or where to go to for wholesale prices, either you learn or don’t offer this service.

4.      Hair Stylist – are you good at making hair? Are you patient and good with children? If yes, tell the mums in your area you make children’s hair. As long as school is in session, school girls will make their hair almost every other week. Stylists charge a minimum of N200 per head. Since children make their hair weekends, you could make a minimum of eight to add to the other businesses you are running during the week. You could also offer home service and charge double the normal fee. A bonus is having some adults as clients whose hair who can also weave or braid for higher amount.
5.      Private Tutors – What subject are you good at that you can comfortably teach? Who can you teach? Answer these questions and find your clients. A lot of parents – especially in homes where mum and dad work long hours – need private tutors for their children, to help with home works and tutor in areas that have been identified as their weak points. You can start by charging reasonable amounts, but when you get good results from the pupils, let those parents give you good reference you can leverage on for other contracts.

Of course there are other businesses, we will touch on them as time goes on, as well as give you useful tips on starting your business.

If you have any question in regards to starting your business, email Your email subject SHOULD read, ‘Start Your Business’. An expert in your area will respond to you. Or simply drop a comment.