Monday, October 17, 2016

The Call of Ciri (In Series: Chapter 3 and 4)


I can’t wait to get back to school. I do miss you so much.  How are you? No doubt as great as ever. Remind me to tell you all about my home. It isn’t as exciting as yours. I have lied a lot.
Should I tell you this? Yes! I was betrothed last week to an Alhaji. But I’ll finish schooling no doubt. Just thought I should reply your letter. Words are limited. See you at school.

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Call of Ciri (In Series)


(1973. Somewhere in Southern Nigeria)
She was hysterical. None could calm her down. She threw fists with unexpected strength for a girl in her condition and escaped the firm grip of the guard, placed in front of the hut. Like a squirrel, she ran and almost left the wind behind. The guard couldn’t catch up with her but he kept the motion, hoping she wouldn’t emerge out of the bushes, as her figure gradually disappeared from his sight.
But she wasn’t heading for the path that linked to the main road. She knew the shorter way; they took it on that day and she hasn’t forgotten the path. She stopped to catch her breath and her eyes darted behind to confirm she had lost the guard. All of a sudden she collapsed.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Drive Magazine, October Edition is Live!

After a one month break, Drive Magazine returns with an inspiring cover story! Themed Self-Discipline and Independence, this edition gives the entrepreneur more reasons to remain focused.

In this edition:
-Kemi Akinyede, cake boss at Kemlah Cakes 'N' Events, talks about her entrepreneurial journey, finding her passion, feeding it, almost walking out of it and the opportunity that changed her business story
-Accessories by Didi, The Entrepreneur who combines her craft with a regular job, talks about how she started her business
-Reasons why every entrepreneur still needs business cards
-The advantages of networking to an entrepreneur
- And other exciting entries
Click here to download the October edition.
Click here to download previous editions.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

My Boobs’ Story

I love my boobs or I used to love my boobs a lot. They were the perfect size and fit for my size 8 body and my 5 feet 7 inches height. Though I never told anyone who asked, my answer really to what part of my body I loved most is/was my boobs.
I wouldn’t have minded a little bigger though; just a little bigger. The reason of cause is so that after doing mother duty of breastfeeding, I wouldn’t become flat chested if you know what I mean. Becoming flat chested at my very young age scares the living daylight out of me.
Anyway, I thought pregnancy would get me a little bigger. But first pregnancy came and went, breastfeeding came and went, bigger did not come. Instead, I lost a little stability. Pregnancy no 2 came and went, bigger still did not show.
A friend asked me if Miss Boobs are still intact after breastfeeding. I said I don’t know, since I am still nursing. But going by the way this boy deals with me all in the name of feeding eh, it scares me to think of what I and the husband will have left once we stop nursing.

But I am holding on to one hope sha. Believe me or not, I definitely have been praying for restoration of my boobs after breastfeeding. Will my prayers be answered? Hmm, only time will tell.