My Boobs’ Story

I love my boobs or I used to love my boobs a lot. They were the perfect size and fit for my size 8 body and my 5 feet 7 inches height. Though I never told anyone who asked, my answer really to what part of my body I loved most is/was my boobs.
I wouldn’t have minded a little bigger though; just a little bigger. The reason of cause is so that after doing mother duty of breastfeeding, I wouldn’t become flat chested if you know what I mean. Becoming flat chested at my very young age scares the living daylight out of me.
Anyway, I thought pregnancy would get me a little bigger. But first pregnancy came and went, breastfeeding came and went, bigger did not come. Instead, I lost a little stability. Pregnancy no 2 came and went, bigger still did not show.
A friend asked me if Miss Boobs are still intact after breastfeeding. I said I don’t know, since I am still nursing. But going by the way this boy deals with me all in the name of feeding eh, it scares me to think of what I and the husband will have left once we stop nursing.

But I am holding on to one hope sha. Believe me or not, I definitely have been praying for restoration of my boobs after breastfeeding. Will my prayers be answered? Hmm, only time will tell.

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