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My 7 Work From Home Success Tips

Uzezi Adesite

So I posted these tools a while back on my Instagram page @iamzayzee, and thought to share it here as well. A lot of people wished they worked from home and some do make that dream a reality. But working from home is actually not very easy because of the distractions and we tend to be less committed to tasks. Being successful as a work from home entrepreneur involves a lot of discipline. You must approach it the same you approach leaving home and going to an office.
For me, these 7 tips guides me.  

1.       Establish your work space away from your bed and pillow. Unless the work requires a bed and pillow.

2.       Determine your work hours. Don’t mix doing house chores with your office work. Resume for work, close from work.

3.     Switch the TV off; don’t MUTE the volume. And if the cable expires, great; don’t renew right away. You will get much work done.

4.       Break time is necessary. Stretch your legs if you sit long hours to work. Turn the radio on and have lunch. Don’t get tempted to watch one Telemundo show during your break. One will turn to three and today’s work will be carried over to the next day. Avoid unnecessary headaches.

5.       Be smart. Work around power supply. Sort out what can be done with and without power so that ‘No light to work’ will not be an excuse.

6.       Know your necessary tools and have them within reach.

7.       Social media is your friend and your enemy. When you visit her, stay focused.