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New Edition Of Drive Magazine Is Growing

 And finally, our last edition of Drive magazine for the year is out. ‘Growing’ is the theme for this edition. Even when things don’t go the way we plan, we should always be excited about tomorrow and the possibilities it holds.

In this edition, we have not two but five interviews. Wow!

On our Cover is Amina Turnbull, who has created a business out of her love for the Ketogenic lifestyle, and helping people lose weight and live healthy. We also delve into the business world of Rukky Ohiomoba, founder of Ruvero Designs.

And newly introduced with this edition is ‘Drive Africa’, a section dedicated to entrepreneurs from around our beautiful continent, who are doing amazing works either in their countries or abroad. In this section, we meet the lady behind Maria Bradford Kitchen.

… plus other entertaining and enlightening stories to make this holiday a good time to reflect and grow. Dare to dream to keep growing, no matter what!

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