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Mofolusade, an entrepreneur I admire

When Mofolusade Sonaike (@mofolusade) is standing in front of you and talking business, it is impossible not to listen. She wears quite a number of caps for the different businesses she is involved in. The path she has trolled to where she is today, is rich with experiences from which she shares lessons. Also known as the Mumpreneur, Mofolusade’s community of women entrepreneurs who support each other and grow together, is growing steadily.

At the Boost your Business with Facebook event, I didn’t know what to expect. First to arrive at the venue, I had two intentions. One, sock in everything from the training and two, interview the beautiful facilitator, Mofolusade, for Drive Magazine - two birds with a stone. The second intention had to be shelved to give me a good reason to visit her soon, because Mofolusade is more than a likeable person. She is a wealth of knowledge and experience every entrepreneur should hang out with. That aside, she has a persona that pulls you in to her. She has the right opening to crack through a wall of shyness and get you immediately comfortable in the midst of strangers.

Her passion for assisting women entrepreneurs is real. She is quick to act like a connector among women entrepreneurs. Once you have her in your circle, you can be sure that getting through to another business owner who is in Mofolusade’s circle, either for business or otherwise, is 90% done. 

She is full of energy and loves everything she does; a characteristic very critical for entrepreneurs. Very hardworking, even with a big belle, Mofolusade is proof that giving it your all, staying at what you believe in (consistency), eventually, is rewarding.

She isn’t one of those women who preach the ‘Women support women’ sermon, while tolling another line. She practices her sermon and acknowledges every business that approaches her, because she knows that big businesses were once small and small businesses today will be big businesses tomorrow.

Her passion for what she does is undeniable and in her presence seriously, there is no dulling.