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Why You Should Have a Business Card

Yes we are in the digital age. More and more businesses are being transacted online. Networking, growing our connections, advertising etc. everything is happening on the internet. So why should an entrepreneur still care about getting business/call cards?

Well, despite all the advantages of the internet, a business card is still very important and no serious business person should leave the house without them. Actually, no matter who you are or your line of work, you do need to have a business card. Below are some good reasons why you should have a business card.

It promotes your brand
A business card is the first interaction someone will have with your brand. You definitely will want this to be a lasting impression. Handing out a good card shows the care, commitment and thought that goes into making your business card and presents you as a serious entrepreneur, who thinks of all the tools to employ for the growth of his/her business.

It’s an effective marketing tool
Imagine being in a place with opportunity to network and market yourself. Your business card comes in handy as you briefly introduce yourself, your business and hand over your card. It is more effective than introducing yourself and your business and telling the other person where you can be found online. You never know when you will run into a potential customer or when you will be at a place where you will be asked to drop your card. So make sure your cards are always with you.

It goes around, gets you referrals
Chances are your business card will go beyond the person you handed it to. Cards are shared during conversations and when friends are making enquiries about this or that service. What will ensure that your card is one somebody thinks is worthy of being kept and remembers to share it with others, is the information it carries and the creativity that goes into making it. So be creative with your cards. Don’t just think it is a piece of paper that has to carry just your name and contact information.

Shows you are serious and prepared
If you are a business person, there is no doubt at one point or the other, you have met someone who requested to have your business card during a conversation. You either thanked your stars you had it, or made excuses why you didn’t have it.
If you were a business person, would you rather do business with someone who writes out details on a piece of paper for you or someone who pulls out a business card? Be prepared and give a prospect no excuse not to do business with you.

Information to put on your business card includes:
Your name
Your job title
Business logo and slogan
Your contact information
Your social media profiles
Your web address