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Sweet Sixteen!

Nope! It is not my sixteenth birthday. It is actually our sixteenth edition (Drive Magazine) and the countdown to No. 20 has begun for real! Let me tell you what is special about edition No. 20 and why we are looking forward to it.

Edition No. 20 is going to mark the end of an era for us, ushering this amazing magazine into a new season and a new level with the 21st edition. So, we are excited because the journey is just about to begin.

Coming back to this sweet sixteen, it is perplexing to note that while we say our focus is entrepreneurship, fourteen out of our past fifteen editions have been covered by female entrepreneurs and just one, our third, was covered by a guy? Does that mean there are more women doing businesses in Nigeria than men? Though, that has been reported as a fact in Nigeria, it isn’t the reason why DRIVE has featured more women than men. We just have so many entrepreneurs to celebrate, we wish we could become a weekly publication.

I’m sure now you can guess why No. 16 is sweet! We have a King on the cover! Hurray! And he isn’t a lone guy surrounded by features on other female business owners. There are actually two Kings in this edition.

So welcome to our Sweet Sixteen. We started out with no theme for this edition, but the stories in it birthed ‘Integrity’, the watch word Mr. Cletus Asikpo mentioned, when advising business owners on practices.

Our Cover is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. What Google is to information, Cletus Asikpo through his establishment, Post My Events, is to events because he helps other businesses promote their events, in order for them to achieve the desired reach. He sacrifices sleep time, just to fish out events that are happening in Nigeria.

And unexpectedly in this edition, we give you a double dose of How I Started My Business. Here we have our second male feature, James Otihi ― who takes us on a ride through his photography business and how he continues to build his portfolio ― and Linda Adeyemi, an interior designer, whose work speaks of her expertise.

Also featured on our Arts page is our very own writer, Francisca Okwulehie, for her dedication to raising the next generation of Nigerian writers.

Don’t forget our columns, Mancave, where the price for integrity speaks volume, and Your Money, always teaching you how to save and grow what’s in your hands.
As usual, this edition is packed to motivate you to pursue your dreams, educate and entertain you. So, enjoy it, and do let us know your thoughts.

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