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It Was A Blue Period

When I was eight years old, we had a visitor. My dad asked me to go rinse two glasses with water. There was a small gin glass, and a big beer glass (see picture). We had quite a number of those small glasses. I don’t know of today, but when I was growing up, those glasses were common sights in Isoko homes. Ogogoro things.

Anyway, after rinsing, I was shaking both vigorously to get them dried faster and the small gin glass slipped off my hand. Without thinking, I threw the big beer glass away to go catch the small one. Both glasses shattered.

When 2019 dawned, I almost replicated that scenario in my business.

 A New Year dawns with a lot of expectations, because we come into it loaded with plans and projects made before the previous year ended.

The January we get and how we embrace it is usually the reality of what we didn’t pay attention to a few days before the New Year finally hits. You see, the Christmas season has a way of veiling what January will look like especially if before the close of businesses for the year, plans didn’t fall into place the way we hoped. This is one of the reasons why somebody will say January is slow, or started slowly.

It hit me very hard at the beginning of the year. The plans did not become waterproof before 2018 ended so January came and settled, with it confusion on which way to turn. I kept staring at the plans on paper and wondering … nothing was jumping at me. The clients weren’t forthcoming and this will affect one of my major goals for the year. I was depressed and my spiritual life as well as my work was affected. I needed activity but I just couldn’t pull myself out of the dump to create any.

One morning I desperately reached out to a friend and praying partner. She heard me out and said “Uzezi, keep cultivating your seed. Keep doing what is in your hands at the moment and don’t let your obvious present reality shake your sure testimony that will work itself out in your life.”

That was what was missing that wasn’t jumping at me! For me to focus on what is in my hands at the moment! I was motivated.

“Our change will meet our dedication,” she continued. “God’s got our backs and He alone knows the path He is taking us through. Trust Him in these low moments…”
And she went on to remind me what Pastor Sam said at one Sunday service “The devil has a way of magnifying the few things in our lives that ‘seem’ not be working, taking our eyes off the numerous blessings that we should be grateful for.”

We know these things, but we forget them when our boats are rocked just a little. We need constant reminders that we should focus on what is before us. Why was I in the dump? I was there because some clients didn’t come through, neglecting the jobs of other clients that came through. I was about to throw the ‘big’ that I had going for me in my business away, chasing after the ‘small’. And He used my friend at the right time to pull me back to safety. I am grateful I followed His leading to reach out to someone. Now I am buried in what is in my hands.

Everybody should have someone to reach out to in such moments. I hope you do.