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Have You Tried Your Hands At It?

Once upon a Sunday at church, I was on duty teaching my eight and nine-year-old class. I cannot remember exactly what the topic was, but I remember asking if they had ever been hurt by mummy or daddy. Most of them chorused “all the time”. Next, I asked if mummy and daddy eventually apologised and received another chorus of “no”. Ouch!
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This is not a post about what parents do that hurt us but about how we deal with hurt irrespective of who hurts us. No doubt, many of us have our unique way of dealing with issues. Some get confrontational immediately. Others would stay away until they believe they can once again resume their relationships or communications on a normal level with those who hurt them. Others, yet, will bottle it away and carry on as if it never happened, etc.

I am not a psychologist, but many years ago, I discovered how to channel my pain away from me through writing and once the words pour out, I feel better. I also started using writing to communicate my feelings when I have been hurt by someone. Since I couldn’t confront, or stay away and bottling up would definitely drive me nuts, writing a simple letter was perfect.

Pouring out one’s heart is really important. I never kept a diary but I agree with the life coaches out there, who recommend journaling as a therapy. And thankfully, it is never too late to start.
Everyone has a story. Everyone has gone through painful emotions and is going through one issue or the other; some serious, others not so much. Just writing to explain how your day went or how bored you are is a good exercise. If you haven’t tried it, why not give it a shot? You don’t need to be an amazing writer. Just put pen to paper and scribble aimlessly to release tension. Sit before your laptop and vent. However it comes out is perfectly fine. Why bottle up if you can channel it somewhere? At the end of the day, when you read what came out of you, you might pick lessons from it; ideas can drop about how to handle certain issues; it can be a good lesson or inspiration for somebody else. You never know. Just try your hands at it. 

And while we are on this, if you have children, encourage them regularly to write about how their day went, or about their friends (just make up a topic). One benefit of this is that it helps to improve their skills in composition.