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Lesson From A Pap Meal

One Saturday morning, while I was about to make a pap meal for my son, I decided to make for everyone as part of breakfast. I told my daughter she was going to take pap. It was a statement. I wasn’t asking a question. I didn’t want to stress myself overcooking that morning.
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Some minutes later, dishing out pap for my son, I decided against giving his sister pap because I realised we were out of milk and she can only tolerate pap as long as it has milk all over it. My boy can take pap without anything in it.

I had not finished telling her I wasn’t giving her pap when she frowned and stormed out of the kitchen. See me see person I was trying to help o! So I called her back to come take pap and to ensure she finished it.
“I want milk in it,” she said.
“There is no milk,” I told her.
Maybe she realised she had entered one chance, I don’t know. She carried her pap and slices of bread, went to the dining table, sat down and was fuming, but trying not to show it. I ignored her. I was going to teach her a lesson.  It took her a while before she started eating.

“You see yourself,” I started.
“I realised there was no milk and decided I was going to give you bread and eggs instead, then you got ahead of yourself, frowned and stormed out of the kitchen.”
“I didn’t know there were eggs,” she defended herself.
“What is the right thing to do?” I asked her. “When I said I wasn’t giving you pap, you should have asked why and what I intended to give to you. But because you weren’t patient, you did what I have told you ten thousand times to stop doing; you are stuck with a meal you don’t like. But guess what? You must finish it!” I wasn’t speaking so calmly as the write up sounds, though.

And just when I was through giving her this sermon, it entered my heart that this is exactly how most of us are with God. He tells us He will give us something. We say thank You Lord and wait for it. Then we are anxious for it asking Him to give it to us now but He knows the thing in question isn’t good for us at that particular time. But we insist on having it when we want it, sometimes, helping God to give ourselves what He has promised. With time we realise our errors. Then in His own time, He gives us what He promised. At the time that it is perfect for us. The blessings of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow. You won’t be drinking pap without milk like my daughter due to impatience. A few hours later though, her dad made her bread and eggs.

The next morning, Sunday, again I was about to make pap for my son – he likes his pap first thing in the morning before any other meal, when my daughter comes into the kitchen.
“Do you want pap? We have milk.”
She looks over to where the crate of eggs is. “No. I want bread and eggs.”
I smiled. She learnt the lesson.
In the same way, it pays to let God give us what He intends to give to us as at when due.