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It’s Time To Go Manual

No. 40

If you were to choose between an automatic washing machine and a manual, the difference is clear. What about cars? When buying a car, those who go for manual are fewer in comparison to those who pick automatic, if the budget is the same.

Something amazing is about to happen. The purpose is the same. The goals are unchanged. The paths to achievement are now more defined than ever before.

There comes a time in one’s life to take stock of everything – the roads that have led to the present, analysis, and decision making concerning tomorrow. Time is fleeting and dreams left unattended might fade. Also, time can be generous enough to refine the dreams of yesterday in other for that same purpose to be achieved.

First, we have goals, then we deny them when we don’t implement them. We rather remain on auto setting – engaging in same old tasks and routines that hold us captive – than go manual, giving ourselves an opportunity of turning the table around. But that is the thing, auto is so easy and convenient. Manual is hard work. Who wants to go through the process of starting and gradually moving from one gear to the next? If we are already on this path, why throw that which is seen away for that which is unseen?

I tell myself the time to go manual has never been perfect. It’s okay to have all those wishes. It is wise to select the dream to court.

I am thankful for today. It’s time to stand on my mark. This race will complement the others. Can I see the handwriting on the wall in 40 days? I guess I’m about to find out.