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My Strength in Chaos

No. 39

In every sense of the word, I’m an indoor person. I don’t like to go out. I am not a crowd person but different events have ensured adaptation. Now, in my old age, I am getting better at being in the midst of people. Since leaving paid employment, my dining table, laptop, and phones have been my trusted office. 

On my normal workday, if I am not meeting with clients or prospects, I’m working at home from 6:00 am till 2:00 pm, when I shut down to prepare for the children’s return from school and face their homework with them. Work could be editing a manuscript, or transcribing an interview or ghostwriting someone’s autobiography or memoirs. I usually have at least three jobs I am working on at the same time.

I cherish my morning work time. The few times I am fortunate to go to bed early I might wake up earlier, get a little work done before preparing to send the husband and kids out of the house to work and school respectively.  I cherish my morning work time because I start slowing down and losing my train of thoughts as time progresses into the day. Later in the day, I can only read, do some research or just play around.

When the unexpected happened, my schedule flew out the window.

Truthfully, since the dawn of Corona that resulted in the Lockdown, I struggled to keep up with work. Gone was the tranquility of the home while I’m all alone.

Now, in addition to sacrificing the laptop for the children’s online classes at my most productive time of the day, I bear the burden of monitoring online lessons, assignments, amidst constant songs of ‘I am hungry’ alone.

I keep screaming “I have work to do!” and “I have deadlines to meet!” or “Stop distracting me!” When I try to work at night to achieve more, while the house sleeps, I doze off due to fatigue. It feels so easy to get angry and bitter at the supposed cause of my frustrations.

I am thankful for never getting to that point. My Dear Friend reminds me to shift the focus, receive strength and not break. I am in a place of gratitude.
In the last two years or more, the period of Lockdown to date has been my busiest work schedule with crazy deadlines and the most rewarding for me.
Never before, have I experienced the help of the Holy Spirit as I have in the last few weeks. It reaffirms what I already know about what I have set out to achieve going forward.

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