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Ordinary Paper Bag

No. 37

Be careful of your likes and who you put in the know … you just might get trapped with that thing you like.

Once upon a time, I was a collector of paper bags. I loved them. One day in February, 2008, I saw one in my friend’s house. It was love at first sight.

“I am not giving it to you,” she said.
I had only commented on its beauty and didn’t ask for it. She was ahead of herself.
“If you want one, follow me to church,” she continued.

That sort of ended it. I never honour any invitation to any church. I was barely attending the one I belonged to.

But Sunday came and I actually followed her to her church. Because I wanted that blue paper bag. When first timers were asked to show a hand, I was first. Just give me the welcome pack already. It was what I came for.

I got the bag. My life sang Amazing Grace. With the bag, I received a compass, so I wouldn’t ever get lost again. It was a defining period in my life.
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