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Right People, Right Place

No. 36

Jentezen Franklin; I have probably come across his name or show many times which didn’t register until the one he taught about Right People, Right Place, Right Plan. I connected with the sermon. Meeting the Right People, by being in the Right Place has been my testimony. The Right Plan is continuous.

Crossing paths with the bag in my friend’s house, which eventually took me to her church, wasn’t a coincidence. He Knows!

I would eventually meet one of the Right People just by planting myself in this Right Place and the Right Plan finally began to form.

In my season of gratitude, I mustn’t fail to acknowledge these people who have been instrumental in getting me to where I am today. Without these relationships, I would have been on a different path.

I have learnt to just trust that His plans are perfect and whatever He sets to do, He accomplishes.

So, I am excited about the new Right Place, I’m been led to.

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