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Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Key Person Number Two

No. 33 
Her name is Frances.
Do you believe in coincidences? I prefer divine orchestration.  
The same school brought my brother and her cousin together. Before I met Frances, I had read her novel. My brother who brought the book, challenged me if I could write like her.

I read it, and I wrote. This time around, I didn’t tear up the story. It wasn’t an ending to a novel whose ending I wasn’t satisfied with. It was me, from the beginning. Since then, I haven’t stopped writing.

Either my first or second published Thrills and Booms novella – when I worked at Hints magazine back in the days – was dedicated to her.

I probably wouldn’t have been motivated to take my passion for writing seriously, if I hadn’t read Frances’ book when I did. She influenced something good in me. I pray with the little I do, I can influence something good in somebody, pushing them further down the path they belong, on their way to their destination.
Thank you, Frances.
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