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For The Love Of Me

 For The Love Of Me is a collection of narratives that aim to introduce the reader to, or present the reader with the word of God in a unique and novel way. Employing popular Bible stories, the fictional characters go on a journey of discovery, walking the reader through some fundamental life principles which, for some reason – either through design or omission – prevailing traditions, institutions, interpretation and responsible leaderships have prevented most of us from learning and appreciating.

For The Love Of Me also aims to show the immense love of God, and how soaking in that love – by cultivating personal relationships with Him – releases us to live lives that are full of fun, successes and productivity since the lessons we read in the Bible are in reality spoken to enable us to make the most of our world, talent and dreams, empowering us to serve in such a time as this, here and now, as we aspire for a dwelling with Him in eternity.

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