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Becoming A Ghostwriter

Dear writer, do you know one major source of income for your creative writing skill is ghostwriting? That is, you are employed by the story owner to write the book, but your connection to that book begins when you take on the project and ends once you have submitted the finished manuscript.

There are different stages involved in ghostwriting a book from start to finish and they are:

1. Gathering data. This includes research on the topic you are writing, interviewing the client to get his/her story or perspective (Know how to conduct interviews, ask the right questions and follow up questions to ensure you have not only sufficient materials to work on, but necessary ones.
2. Transcribing the interviews.
3. Developing the first draft, using gathered data and/or transcripts from the interviews. Here, your creative writing skills will be needed.
4. Client's review of the first draft.
5. Writing the second draft, taking the client's feedback from the review into consideration.
6. Client's approval of the manuscript after the first draft has been reworked.
7. Editing and Proofreading (have an editor and a proofreader on your team).
8. Deliver the finished, ready to be published manuscript to the client.


Give it a try.