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The Kind of Endorsement I Love

 We were arrested and imprisoned in America. We spent more than five months in four different American prisons …

I was there with him; I saw it all as God Messed Him Up!

The highlight of what I do is acknowledgement. When I see my name listed in the Acknowledgement of books I edited, it gets me tickled. With their acknowledgements, the majority of the authors I’ve worked with leave me an opportunity to showcase my past works.

But as a ghostwriter, it is different. I sign a non-disclosure agreement. Because I am a ghost and you don’t see ghosts, nobody is supposed to know I worked on the book. My sister once said it was cheating. But it is a job and it is not my story.

In 2018, when I met Seun, he widened the door that I’d only cracked a little and grew my career as a ghostwriter, which has given me the opportunity to meet some big names I cannot mention whose books I have ghostwritten. The ripple effect continues with referrals.

Imagine my shock this morning. I woke up to the cover of his book which we started work on in 2019 (yeah, it took us that long and in-between pauses and other projects too), and is soon to be released in February 2022. Amazing book, amazing story, amazing testimony, extremely inspiring. And I get to share authorship? Wow!

This is the biggest endorsement of my life as a writer.

Preorder your copy of this soon of be international bestseller here.

And by the way, if you are still waiting to book my services, book now in advance. 2022 is already looking tight 😁